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Lunarium Works

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Hey, thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, that is something that I've been meaning to fix, and I actually go slightly into why that occurs in my post-mortem.

Essentially, the "voxel system" I currently have isn't actually a voxel system atm. It's more just a collection of "subvoxel" cube objects that are parented to a "main voxel" object. What this also means is that when physics calculations are being done on the grid, such as when moving it around as an item, it starts lagging hard since the game now has to keep track of hundreds, if not thousands of physics objects. 

While I do plan on fixing this later by means of an actual voxel-based system and dynamically-generated meshes, it's probably going to be a while until I get to it :/

Grats on the release! This game has actually been a bit of a meme within my friend group for a while, mostly thanks to the "finish them" mechanic which we found absolutely hilarious, to the point where one of them even made an unofficial trailer.

Hey, thanks for checking out my game! Yeah, unfortunately, it looks like exporting my game broke the sound, but at least now I know to look out for that sort of thing for future projects. Thankfully, at least my scuffed controls description was enough to figure out what to do, but a tutorial is definitely something to consider when I eventually return to this project.

Hey, thanks for checking my game out! I've updated the description to include a link to a working copy of the game, so try that.

There's a typo in the download file, "PF_Caslte_1.0"

The art's great though, will definitely see about getting more in the future once I finally finish my current project