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Luna Moon

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thank you for your response, glad to hear that you're taking this topic seriously (well, for a comedy game :p). DID is really commonly demonised in media, so it makes us happy when we see like, at least semi-decent depictions of plurality ^^

look forward to the article!

hmm. so, wondering, judging from the name and y'know, the "voices" the character hears, this seems to be from the perspective of someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder, correct? so, our question is: how much research into DID did you do? cause if you did little research (or got your info from bad sources), this game can come off pretty ableist in some regards

no offence intended, just want some context behind your reasonings for the games premise

oh, this is adorable! and nice to see some actually good looking boob physics, like they are genuinely adorable and realistic seeming. that's honestly one of our biggest pet peeves in lewd games - like, what's better? realistic tits that bounce around when they actually should, or boobs that the second the person moves even slightly they start flopping around like slightly deflated balloons in the wind?

anyway yeah, this is adorable and we're super excited to see where it goes ^^