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Hi I am Tdotakichan and am looking to do some spritesheets or facesets for a visual novel or rpg game, Game engines don't matter as long as it has 2D art. At the moment I am only looking for those who are starting out and/or short projects and I can not provide 3D works right now.

My skills are mainly anime art and can do either lineless 2.5d art or cel shaded anime art. I've improved on my art since my last post so I had to raise my prices, however I am still offering affordable services.

If you'd like to order something feel free to contact me.

I dunno I would have to check, but I don't usually have problems because I always install everything I need before using a software since I use many different software. I don't think this SEEVN requires any new driver or framework or anything like that since it's so simple.

No I couldn't fix it.  :( I feel like maybe this was just a joke project since it was posted the same month as April fools, or a practice project that probably won't be updated. Just hoping they answer because a flow chart is what I needed and most other vn engines don't have it.

I really like the style of 2.5d. What game engine did you use to make this?

... Is this an actual product? Because the buttons aren't working when I click them, unless I am doing something wrong?

Again, my latest writer went m.i.a. even though they said they wouldn't.... This is more than 5 writers I lost, so I am looking for serious work only! So please do not accept if you are busy with other things, have school, and can not finish this year!

So basically, I am looking for a new writer. Some info:

my game is an anime styled otome with romance, drama, and comedy
the music is done
the character designs are done
the main menu and textbox is almost done
11k words is already done
this game will be released commercially

and the story involves angels and demons, but if you want more info. please message me. I don't want to give away this story continuously.. I do have a public blog though with some older wips:

So all I need is:

34k more words done (will be a short game)
background art (I already have a potential artist to order from so I don't need to find one right now)
and the expressions for the sprites which I can finish myself only until after the script is done and I know what to draw.

If you'd like to write for our team, you need to:

send me a short example with drama, comedy, and romance in it
state your prices clearly (do not make me ask)

be a advanced writer (no beginners or professionals please) 
having a completed vn game is a bonus 
able to adapt to the current writing style
update me every 2 weeks (do not send updates every day or month)
finish by November of 2018 this year
agree that I will pay on the 1st update when words are written, but if you do not update for 1 month or if you disappear without telling me I have a right to be fully refunded 
if you charge more than $70 you must accept payment plans. 

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Hello I am a new small studio by the name of Kirakirawings studios with only 4 members and am looking for some projects to join. I do simple animation character sprite sheets, text box ui, character design, and portraits/facesets. 


<---facesets are still wip

There is some small things to note before you message me:

1. If your game is free: I will work for free, but I will not work on deadlines(I don't take forever though as long as the project shows signs of activity)

2. If your game is paid: You can either pay me a one time $50 commercial fee plus the price of what you want (character sprite sheets are $20 ea., text box ui are $10 ea., character design is $15 ea., and portraits are $8 ea.) OR you can pay me with revenue share. I can work with deadlines but not tight deadlines.

3. Make sure you have at least some game work done and an outline of the story so that I know what I am getting into

A must: 

1. Credit me by the studio name or by tdotakichan (you must be serious in making a game and plan to finish it eventually for me to accept.)

2. DO NOT CANCEL WHEN WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF WORKING THINGS OUT! If you do I will never work on your projects and it just looks very unprofessional to me, so make sure you let me finish my examples and asking questions before you decide to turn me down.

I do anime style and some cartoon styles like Danny Phantom and Adventure time only. I require being paid upfront if paid except for revenue. Message me here or on Deviantart, my Deviantart user is dream-paint. If you need an email you can also use the contact form here: and it will be sent to my e-mail

Edit: updated as of 6/6/2018 and am still open for small projects and start up projects