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This game is so cute and wholesome!!  I love your sprites/use of text

Thank you!!

This game is so touching and well-crafted. Thank you for giving me the chance to play it. I love it a lot. 

This is so cute! I love the bright colors. Thank you for giving Paul a fun adventure :)

Thank you !!

Thanks for the link! I went ahead and joined. I appreciate all of your help :]

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Thank you so much!

Thank you for such a detailed reply! I was only vaguely aware of borksy, I'm still learning about the different tools/options for hacking. I appreciate your help!

I really like this game a lot! The color palette is great and I love the dialogue for the cats. 

I'm learning how to make games with bitsy, and I was wondering  how you got the match item to affect the lantern sprite + add the cat sprite to the screen. I've been looking through tutorials and hacks and I can't seem to figure out how to do something similar.