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If you can't upload on time, you can send me a dm on discord at Luna H Dev#2132 and I will fix a late submissions link for the jam, I want everyone to be able to upload their game but it should be stated that the game was submitted late

Yeah sure! go ahead

Oops, fixed it

I liked the concept qute a bit, I would have liked maybe more variations of the boss though.
It also would've been nice if the gun auto-reloaded when out of ammo instead of having to press R.

Super cute! I love the aesthetic, the audio is super nice too!
I'm not very good at strategy games so I found it quite difficult but I had fun none the less.

Thanks for playing!

Since the game is a roguelike, everything resets whenever you die, so you have to physically go back to the hut at the start to blend potions.

For the seond one, do you mean that if you try to throw a potion on cooldown it should throw the next one instead, so you dont have to keep switching between them if you dont want to? because that is a really good suggestion that I will probably add.

Hi, thank you for playing!

First, there isnt currently any indicator for which potion is selected, there will be in the next update for the game.

There is currently no audio for the game at all, will be added on a update aswell.

The difficulty was a bit "difficult" to balance since I was the only playtester, will probably do different difficulty options to pick from.

Also thanks for the compliments, wanted to practice more with 2d games.

I will probably add landmarks to the map at a later date to indicate more on where you are but I wanted the player to be kinda confused on where they were and wanted the feel of being lost in the jungle.

Super addicting, whenever I died I was too pissed to quit playing; I wanted to get back at the game for killin' me.
Visually super pleasing and audio too.


I agree that it is quite hard to tell if it changes complete or just continues, I didn't realize the loadtime changed at all so yeah maybe be a bit clearer idk, also good choice with swedish; its just such a nonsence language for anyone who can't speak it and it gave me a bit of a chock since I thought I change my pc's language.

Holy crap I loved this, the absolute chaos of spam clicking everything is sight combined with the precision of not being hit, I also love all the different build types you can make. I personally really enjoyed maxing out the breakout game and the talking bird.

Don't know what else to say, I just really liked the game.

Good lord this stresses me out holy shit, it is really fun but extremely intense; like more intense than most competitive games.
It really reminds me of type racer but with the bonus feature that you have to manage all your stats and figure out which search will give what stat, super fun!

I would like to give some critisism or suggestion but I actually can't, its good as it is.

Really interesting, I love doing the like "Wikipedia race" thing and thing reminds me of that quite a bit; its like playing a ttrpg but you have to remember that pressing links both effects the player and transports you to another senario.

A thing I found a little strange is that pressing any links that opens the actual browser opened in "Microsoft edge" even though my standard web browser is Chrome, don't know why that is.
I also loved the mushroom opens in swedish (I expect that it translates to the pc's set language).

I love the windows 7 style click and error sound effects, just so iconic!

Ok so I was extremely confused while playing this, then I read the comment you made and a lot of stuff cleared up, like the web towers only working if they had another one connected; I thought they just weren't working or something.

I kept getting cards to upgrade the chain towers while I only had cannons and weren't sure if they were the same or different ones before I got the web tower and then realised there were more towers in the game and I just had a bunch of actually useless cards in the deck just taking space.
Also the fact that the cannon uses projectiles instead of hitscan was extremely annoying at times when I thought I couldn't possibly lose and they completely missed all their bullets, I probably should have positioned the cannons better but some maps you just have to rely on rng entirely.

I did have fun in the end either way even though I didn't understand what was happening a lot of the time, the visuals look nice, audio is great, I especially like the game over screen; really cool looking!

I think it would've been good with some sort of tutorial to explain how the game works.
I do think you should keep working on the game since it has great potential and I would like a more polished version.

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Super cool concept and good execution, I dont think I've ever played a game that utilizes the layout of the keyboard as much as this did, I had to constantly look down at my keyboard to see where to go, felt like I didn't just play on the pc but also on the keyboard like a boardgame.

Challenging and fun, I only had a single problem and that is a bug where the game simply just stopped working, I had zero health but it didn't boot me back to the main menu; no idea what happened, just had to refresh and it worked fine again.

I also loved the piano notes whenever you move, good touch!
Really cool game!

Beautiful art, animations, music and sound effects and felt pretty good to play, Though I have some suggestions and some bug reports.

The perspective of the game looks nice but is kind of annoying to move around at times with WASD because you constantly slam into walls because the angles of the walls arent perfect diagonals so you can't really go straight in any direction or diagonally, you have to hold left/right and kind of press up/down occasionally.

You can walk around in the void and inside of the walls if you either defeat the boss and playing again or if you try to kill yourself by using up all your health by spinning webs.

You can get absolutely boned by the boss if you don't have enough web when entering the room aswell and I feel that the web-spinning could be used a bit more interesting, because sometimes you just have to kill yourself to proceed but if you use all your health to spin web you break the game and can walk anywhere.

It would also have been nice with a damage indicator either with just a hit effect or damage text, also the red piercing upgrade seems a bit broken as in it doesn't seem to work properly and won't register hits a lot of the time.

Very pleasant, just a chill platformer though I think it could have made a great fast paced tricky platformer with some additions such as limiting the amount of web Kim can use, kinda like Celeste with reseting the web amount on landing or you could go all out with no limitations, more speed, actual attacking and moving enemies and bossfights (I know that would have been hard to do in the time limitation but its just a thought).
Though this is only preference, but I really think the game should be faster.

Also one thing I noticed, sometimes the web fires very quickly and other times its very slow which makes it hard to time swings sometimes; dont know if that is intentional or not.

I really enjoyed this, it seemed super intimidating before watching the tutorial but was super easy to understand once I started playing.
Not sure about the "web" theme except for the spider enemies.
Really polished nice animations, sfx.
would have been nice with a downloadable version.
All and all, very fun game!

Then it wouldn't be a game jam anymore though, more of a showcase of games

Already planned to :)

All assets including fonts can be premade as long as you have the legal right to it

.exe, WebGL or HTML

What you also can do is something like Risk of rain where there are premade maps but they come in a random order.

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That'll be interesting to watch, will defenetly check your stream out!

A roguelike doesn't necessarily have to use procedural generation its mostly just a trait many use, preset worlds are allowed.

yep, also shouldnt be nsfw.

I'll add that in the overview.

dont know why it stopped working, but I made a new invite link now

Now there is one, Here it is!

Will also put it in the overview page of the jam.

There is not, I could create one if enough people would like there to be.

yeah sure!

Hi Chris AKA "That Guy" I hope it'll be a fun jam for everyone!
the theme will be revealed on the 25th, no sneak peaks lol.

Good luck to you and your daughter!

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Just wanted to say congrats on the #1 audio and thank you for reviewing my game! :)

Also I did play your game and it was really fun. Hard though but fun indeed!

Loved it! the artstyle is very simplystic and it worked perfectly with the colour scheme of pink and neon blue. Gameplay was action packed and fast paced, early in the game you feel a bit too weak though but with the upgrades from surviving gives the player the damage they need. Will defenetly keep playing later!

Really enjoyed it! great idea and execution. Only thing I didnt like was the jumping, it felt a bit stiff.