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Blue - a human-dog hybrid - and his boyfriend Iris - an anthropomorphic snake - live together in the small village of Smalton. They live a generally peaceful and happy life together.

One day however, as they are going about on their daily errands - their home village is attacked by an army of ghosts. Thanks to Iris's brawn and Blue's magical abilities they're given the chance to retaliate. But it's not going to be that simple.

- Traditional Active Time JRPG Combat
- A variety of Puzzles and Challenges
- The occasional Secret
- A short (30 minute - 1 hour) experience
- Rabbits

This is extremely impressive!

However, There's some jank where if you double tap the arrow keys too quickly the next press will cause a dash even after a significant waiting period.

The platforming could benefit from being able to hold down to fall through platforms instead of having to press it each time, and having a variable jump height mechanic (tapping jump results in a smaller jump than holding it) but, knowing the limitations of RPGMaker, I understand these may not be easy or even possible to implement, as its already a feat that this game controls as smoothly as it does.

I really enjoyed it though, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing further progress!


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Fun movement, and chicken parkour
not much else tho

also the music boppin

This game gets a:
Has a few small graphical issues, non of which detract from the overall experience and enjoy-ability / 10

so I think that's like, a 9?