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It's hard to tell because the screen doesn't show a guide for the buttons you should press, but you can press NewGame and then press the Z key (or the A button on the XBox controller) to advance the conversation.

As for WindowSize in Option, we have confirmed that it is a bug and will fix it.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The world where the moon fell on this planet. The story of Chimera, a fusion of humans and crystals.
A slightly strange Breakout game with pleasant effects to liven up the field!


The world where the moon has fallen. The red mist and the monsters that erupt from the moon quickly transform the earth into a deadly land. Humans create new life to combat the threat. The Chimera were created by combining the energy of the moon's crystals with human beings. The Chimeras form an organization called "Eldorado". Thanks to their efforts, peace was restored and the environment was safe and sound.However, a second chimera, Zwei, suddenly goes out of control. He calls himself Tia, an anti-Eldorado organization, and turns against his supposed allies in the Eldorado community. One by one, the chimeras disappear. Only the first chimera, Eins, remains. Eins follows the information his organization has obtained and heads alone to Tia's home base, the "Crashed Moon"...

■Breakout to fight with a charge! 

Hold down the Z key and the main character, Eins, will begin to tamper with the power! If you touch a bullet while it's charged to the limit, it turns into a powerful penetrating bullet! It penetrates the red block and increases your score! Every 5 combo counts increases, and the number of bullets left increases! We have a tough fight ahead of us... so use it to your advantage! 

▼Download here▼

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Thank you for playing this game.
As for the effects, they have already been fixed in Demo_ver.1.1. The new mechanics still have room for improvement and we'll continue to work on them in the future.

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Please watch this video first!

The world where the moon fell on this planet. The story of Chimera, a fusion of humans and crystals.
A new kind of Breakout game with pleasant effects that make the field come alive!
<In the demo version, you can enjoy up to level 2 bosses and some unlockable elements.>


Version1.1 Release!
Added and modified features.