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Alpha Lumerio

A member registered May 31, 2019

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Oh right I forgot to talk about it but like 
Spritework is REALLY good

The character sprites when walking around are okay, could be improved slightly but they work for what they are. As for the overall environments and ESPECIALLY the character portraits though, I really love them. The expressions are great (especially this one) and the overall quality of them is really good.  Sorry if this sounds kinda undescriptive when it comes to what I like about them I'm bad at explaining stuff jshjhghj

As for the CGs/images during cutscenes, they look pretty good too. 

So yeah! looking forward to this 

ricardio goes *nom*

Said this on Twitter but I'll put it here so it's easier to see ^^ 

Current thoughts: I genuinely love this. As someone who loves ZE I'm insanely excited for this since this game is definitely taking a zero escape-like turn instead of DR. And I love it.

Characters were introduced a lot better. I feel you got to know them and their little quirks better, and my current favourites... I actually don't have any because I really like them all. But in terms of design... I love Leona, Marie, Victoria, Kouji, Hunter and Kami the most. They're all very cool and I love them. 

If I had a criticism, it'd be that some of the sounds came in insanely loud very suddenly and since I have anxiety that kinda shocked me in two instances and not in the good kinda way. The sound effect with Tamako wasn't too bad but the music when Warden appeared was LOUD (I've now seen the part on the page about this. I don't know if this was added after the download was listed but if it wasn't and I was just stupid and didn't see it, PLEASE just ignore this part, I'm an idiot :> )

Anyway yeah this was worth it and even though it was technically free I'm glad I added in that $7.00 :p
Really good so far, looking forward to more!

bonus mode is super fun. thanks for making some new content for this!