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oh welp, sorry about that then

Hey, I'm kinda new to unity so I don't know how to install this, do you have any links explaining what "passing the shaders folder to the root of your project" means. if not could you please explain it if you have the time? thank you

Hey is it ok if I use the pallete with some of my own designs? I'm not very good at choosing colours

No offence but the art style could use some improvement.

There's a paid preorder here:

It is paid tho

thx man, you're awesome!

Keep up! ^-^

My name on discord is lumbr, hope i can still have the role

no prob, also you said ill be getting a role in discord. Is that still gonna happen?

Did now, also got the preorder aswell

S ranked the whole thing multiple times btw

The offline version has a wierd glitch that softlocks the game at the start of the first level. idk what. I LOVE this game btw

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Thank you Samurai Punk!

Thank you so much for the game that calmed me down from my anxiety attacks!

You made the perfect stress-relieving game and I can't thank you enough for it!

Just... Thank you, and I wish you luck!