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Only played through a little bit of this, but I love the idea!

The demo so far is looking pretty good, but it lacks a few features that I think are essential to this kind of game, such as a touhou-like "focus" button, that shows the hitbox of the character and slows movement for more precise shots. Also, in trying to stay bullet-hell like but also faster paced it becomes very quickly totally chaotic even on the normal difficulty - I couldn't tell what was even shooting me half the time.
Overall though, this is a good start, but it needs a LOT of work.

This is a fun little game, although having more cards would make it better. I also noticed some cards with small spelling errors, which might need proofreading.

Is a linux build of this game possible? It looks great but my PC only runs linux so I can't try it out. I'd be happy to help test a linux build in the future.