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Luke Rotella

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This was really beautiful!

Came across Flower Visit a few years ago on Twitter and just got around to playing it. I really enjoyed it so went through a few other games and really got stuck on this one. It made me feel a beautiful sense of calm that I've only ever experienced in Knytt. One of my fav experiences with a game all year, cheers.

really loved this! Such a harmonic piece. I'm not sure if there's a secret with the vox items in the game but really like the mystery around those items regardless

Played this at the start of pandemic after finding your website and really inspired the current game I'm working on. This and Paul Moose have really stuck with me and I think about them a lot. Glad to see this and play it again :)

Hey really loved this little universe!  Reminded me a bit of Jazzpunk in how fun all the characters were to talk to. Really liked the style too, the billboarded characters were dope!

Really loved this game, reminded me of 2014 steam. Super impressive how realized the space and world was. Really liked the whole classical music/spooky house aesthetic as well. Incredible job!

This was a wonderful experience, thank you.

What a fun little game!! Characters and situations were all so much fun.

 V glad I found this in the Racial Justice package, looking forward to see what y'all produce in future.