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OMG i played this like 2 years ago xD I played it with my friends all day on browser hehe :D

I just watched it :D Great video!

And as i can see you found me a one bug xD

So after hammering a metal you were supposed to dip your blade that you made, into that barrel right next to that anvil xD

So the bug is that you weren't supposed to be able to craft while that blade is still warm xD

Ill try to fix it later



The world is at war and you're an old man who can't fight but still wants to help. You're the only one who can smith weaponsand help those brave warriors! Some will want Iron weapons but the other ones want Gold and Bronze! You must be very fastbecause the more weapons you make, more warriors there will be! 

After they give you money just place them inside of a cash register xD

I've posted it.

Well basically you need to go up to someone and than you just press "F" to take an order.

After that they will drop a paper with a pizza type. If you dont know the recipe of pizza you can look it up on your PC (InGame, PC is right next to cash register), than you just place those things (for example if its pepperoni pizza than youll place 5 pepperoni on pizza, etc...).

Also you'll need to oven that pizza and than you can serve it to a guest that has requested that pizza ^^ (After this they'll give you money, but if you overcook your pizza you wont get the full price of the pizza)

Thanks btw ^^

Hahahaha greaat, but if you didn't know you were supposed to look for a recipes on your PC :D haha

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Hahaha thanks for replying <3 ^^ I know controls are little hard but they are supposed to be like that xD :D

Hey, thanks for this model, i've used this model in my game called "Pizzanator" ^^

I've put your name in credits list (Its in the game).

If you want you can check my game out ^^ 

Thanks again <3 ^^ <---- Game Page

Hello, just wanna announce my first game QFAQ, where you play as NPC who gives quests! ^^