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Enjoyed the game. Two requests if it is not too much and one bug. 

The bug is that after selecting some spells, like 2 or 3, later on even if we have the points for other spells, they are very dark, and I think the select button is greyed out but I can still click on it. So it is only visual.

The two requests are, can you by any chance allow for a lighter background? If this would be too much effort for you to change all textures, can you allow us to change the screen tint? I must be the only dungeon crawler player that uses light backgrounds, the dark ones really tire my eyes (I wish dcss webtiles allowed this as well...)

Last request, maybe easier to do, can you also build a mac version? Maybe its not too important since I see that the browser actually kinda seemed to save my progress (I don't know how). At least when I refreshed it still had progress.

Took me two attempts. It was pretty nice, I like the graphics. Thanks for the game.

Ah, I see now that you may not work on this anymore, I may look at the source code then. I've donated anyway, thanks for working on this, maybe it will never become popular but at least I found it useful.

Is it possible to add the mac builds now? I would like to try the collision generator that is not in 0.4.4. By the way the tool seems useful, it is probably not very well known. I found it by chance at the end of a git issue, referred by someone:

Just in case you are still looking for a mac, you can get a M1 mac-mini refurbished, it is still expensive but probably one of the best deals in my opinion on the mac family. It's less than $600 before taxes. I just discovered your tool on twitter, I looked up the documentation and these logs here and your youtube channel. I haven't had time to try it, I'll sure give it a spin and read more about it. Thanks for your work. Oh, from your youtube, I indeed had seen your hairy mouse and grass shader videos before, probably some years ago.