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Ah, I see now that you may not work on this anymore, I may look at the source code then. I've donated anyway, thanks for working on this, maybe it will never become popular but at least I found it useful.

Is it possible to add the mac builds now? I would like to try the collision generator that is not in 0.4.4. By the way the tool seems useful, it is probably not very well known. I found it by chance at the end of a git issue, referred by someone:

Just in case you are still looking for a mac, you can get a M1 mac-mini refurbished, it is still expensive but probably one of the best deals in my opinion on the mac family. It's less than $600 before taxes. I just discovered your tool on twitter, I looked up the documentation and these logs here and your youtube channel. I haven't had time to try it, I'll sure give it a spin and read more about it. Thanks for your work. Oh, from your youtube, I indeed had seen your hairy mouse and grass shader videos before, probably some years ago.