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Liberation Circuit community · Created a new topic Bug

I completed the objective(kill all enemies) but nothing happedned. I thought maybe ther's one hidden and looked for it, but there was none. time passed and I failed because of it. out of time. so, basicaly, I won, but I lost because the game decided I shouldnt win.

Well, in this case in particular, the music is part of the culture of the setting. As the game itself tells us, it's set in the brazilian outback. But i do agree with the rest.

would be interesting if the turns were not in complete control of the player. Give them a time to press space, and if they don't, it plays automaticaly. So the player can chose to go faster, but not too slow. Either that or find a way to make it so that they will want to play faster. A score, for exemple...

for some reason I can't run it... and I was so interested!