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Thanks! The comparison to Cooking with Tracy means a lot! That was one of my favorite AGDG games.... rip Piko ;_;

And uh, have you ever played a Unity game? They all use that .exe and data folder structure unless you put in effort to hide it.

Thanks for the harsh, concise feedback that no one else was willing to give. Everything you mention is a problem, if not with the mechanics themselves, then with how they're presented. Appreciate you playing, since this isn't your cup of tea.

If you can, can you elaborate on what you liked and disliked about the environment and the interface?

I will never get the folder in zip thing. Semantically, a zip should be a folder. (Will fix it of course).

  • Mouse cursor is visible in fullscreen.
  • Blue cubes clip through walls, and the physics sent one of them flying out of the level when I picked up another one
  • There's one wall in the first cavern where the copy paste level design is obvious.
  • Lava hitboxes are unclear, and give you no time to react to being on fire. I died 2-3 times in a hallway cause I didn't see a tiny crack in the ground.    
  • You can carry two cubes at once.
  • Jump clips against the ceiling then slides along the ceiling.
  • Binding Alt to drop is bad for demo day versions at least bc people alt-tab away to write feedback
  • Dying the third time to janky hitboxes in the room with platforms is where I would have quit.
  • I clicked on both orbs, got no feedback, they disappeared, the door is till closed???? I was holding cubes while I clicked on one of them....
  • Minor, but when you respawn you should not be facing towards the initial spawn point, but towards the area of the level you're solving, or at least the door.

This sucks!

  • The turret placement seems really exact, the first time I played I made two placements that were a little off the right path (but still got some hits in), and that snowballed into defeat.
  • Nice job binding R to reset that's good for early demos like this.
  • Time to first enemy seems a little long since you can't make any choices before they show up
  • Feels like the game could be 20-50% faster?
  • It's hard as fuck, by the time you see which direction the next wave is coming from, you don't have time to place cannons that will be charged by the time they reach you. Maybe add a next wave direction indicator?
  • I never really got to the point where I cared about the power grid, just followed the heuristic "place things close to the center". Consider letting the player also place the grid tiles so they can choose their power layout?
  • Seriously, make the game faster, I kept alt tabbing away bc it was so slow.
  • Health indicator on enemies.

thanks for reporting the bug, it's shown up a few times and i swear i fixed that exact one on the day of release

you get the special edition ground shader

Huh, Mystical Ninja has an interesting palette and style.

What do you mean by hint guide? More context clues for what Lilitu wants? Or a better tutorial? I know we were a little rushed getting that done.

That should be fixed in the updated version.