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Thanks ! I guess your card game and mine have some similarities, that's why I'll be glad to test it !
I'll wait for the next release. btw if you have any feebacks about iris, feel free to share it :)

Looks great ! I'd like to try it, but I can't download the game... link is broken ?

Hi, thank you very much for your comments ! It really helps ! here are some answers :

bugs : I definitely need to polish the final "fight". And indeed, a few challenges don't work, will be fix.

gameplay : I like that some mechanics are not explained completely, specially in the end, when the player feel like he master everything. For example, the shield can take damage and break only late in game, once you're already a good player and you know many other tips to survive. The thunder demon remove all  your magical power for one turn, but I think it's written in his description ;)

balance : don't hesitate to tell me which boss drops can be improved (removed?),  which are too strong (double arrow ? ) ?

Keep working on it ! Thanks a lot !

Thank you very much for this detailed comments ! It's encouraging. Here are some answer :

I'm working on reducing luck. You won't re-draw all your cards each turn but you will keep your hand (draw only cards to complete your hand), so you can be prepared for next turns easier. And I plan to reduce luck due to random enemy position.

- bugs : first time I hear about the card "stuck out of place" ! Annoying :( (do you remember which card ? a special action like "sword dance" I guess). About the "enemy keep attacking" bug, are you sure you wasn't petrify (turn grey), or do you remember the enemy you was facing (maybe a trap) ?

- "try again stones" : you are right, I need to improve the way you can retry on higher level. Letting the player put a "check point" where he want, once in a run, can be a very good idea !

Now I'm working on two previous "chapter" shorter and easier than the current one. In order to make the beginning of the game more "friendly" and less repetitive. I'm also working on some kind of "puzzle game" mode / more story scenes about the girl past / many other gameplay improvements...

So thank very much for your comments, it helps keep working and keep fighting bugs !

Thanks ! I'm working on it !

I'll need translators once the game is truly finish.

Ha ha, you are supposed to click on the dead box so you enter in it and the game continue. Really sorry for that being hard to figure out, sorry you lost a game here :( I'll definitely make it more obvious !

That's said, there is an ending with the giant in this version, but I plan to improve it in the future.

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it save progress automatically after each turn (if you close the game, you'll restart at the same turn). But when you lose, as you probably see it, you restart from the first floor. Later in the game, an object will allow you to restart from the beginning of the current floor.

If you want to try the mobile version, send me a message with your gmail/apple email address.

Great ! Thanks !