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It controls fine,

the music actually has some good beats

the option menu does need work but the characters are cute

Happy Leif Ericson Day

I'm really looking forward to whatever you come up with. I'm very happy with this game, even if the feedback you received is very much correct. 

I hope whatever you turn out becomes bigger and better! 

Oh, last thing, I will say that I love the custom character option - but I would like it if they had their own lines/profile picture as well at the end of combat. It feels like you're missing something when you play custom. 

Lovely game! I love the mood I love the pace.

It needs to be said that people will be reminded of sonic and his homing attack, but I like the way you handle that rhythm that encourages methotical but fast plays rather than button mashing. Some may have to memorize the right patterns to S Rank (like myself) but I think you got a real gem on your way if the later levels can ramp up the difficulty with this rhythm. 

No real complaints, although you get a lot turnips so far. I feel like things will have to be super costly for them to be worth something. 

Hello! I liked this game. Few bits of feedback in case you want to revisit such a game in the future!

- I had some sensitivity issues. I think it might be my mouse but it was super slow. I fixed it when I manually changed my mouse sensitivity. Would like an option to mess around it. 

- The platforming gems bit was slightly painful cause the turret was shooting through the level geometry. Also the stairs had a bit of area behind it and you can get stuck in it pretty easily. Same goes for Boss. More frustrating than difficult (nobody can hit you there so it's just like - aaah no). 

- Guns felt great but the enemies were bullet spongey. That said I loved the dynamic of shooty guys, and guys that run at you. Those fire guys didn't seem to be able to do anything though!

- Loved the boss. 

I just wish there was more there! But I really did enjoy the feeling of the game. 

I don't see the download link. Something happen?

What a wonderful beta! So far I love the simple to learn hard to master aspects of the game, it feels very much like Fire Emblem with a Grand Strategy layer! Adore it, as well as the setting - very I don't want to say Forgotten Realms but more like Conan? 

Anyway useful feedback. So far the only thing I miss is enemy range, so being able to see how far enemies can attack, along with their movement. 

A bug I encounted was the mission where you invade Koduma and face off against Taoa. It's a repeatable bug but basically I saved before the fight, and the fight worked as well as it should. Then, our mage died in battle so I decided to soft-reset. After loading the enemies would attack Taoa instead and lock the game. I can upload my save data if you need it. 

Only other thing I have to mention is that perhaps you could gain something when you conquer/liberate a land? Getting no money or units at all seemed odd to me. Other than that I think you have a great little game right here. 

Love the new build! Few comments/possible bugs again.

- The perk that reduces your HP to give you points seems to be bugged in terms of value. My HP decreased from 125 (from stacks) to 15.

- Endless mode gets too easy instead of ramping up difficulty. The enemies almost seems to be reduced after wave 5 or so, I never saw the lighting enemies again and the amount of enemies still varied around 10-20.

- Levels are given too quickly, you easily out-gun your opponents around wave 8. 

- Nothing else this time around. Very fun! 

It just seemed to randomly happen I'm afraid! I got into a battle, and suddenly I was playing an anime fighter :P

That said it was kinda fun for the 10 seconds I lasted. Maybe look into a speed modifier. 

I love the new update! I've only experienced one or two problems thus far.

1) Desperate need for some kind of run button in the dungeons I think. Just to get through the empty spaces better/get around quicker.

2) Speed up in-between dialogue! The text crawl is too slow. Or just resume the text crawl after a battle is finished.

3) Bug? On Level 7 of the noob dungeon the game got crazy fast. It was cool but it played so quickly!

Amazing, truly.

What a lovely demake! I loved the way it controlled, and it felt like a really old arcade game. I hope you could make an even bigger and more flashier game in the future! My only complaint was that the sound cut off for the gunshots, but that's about it.

What a wonderful game! Plays like a strange combination of Wolfenstein/Doom and a tactical shooter, while also being its own thing entirely. I only request more clever enemy weak spots, more humor, and more levels! I would love to see this finished.

First, loved the movement feel. I like the graphics, the style, and the music. I like the power of certain shots and I liked being able to choose my upgrades.

Just in the form of suggestions, I'd like to say to help situational awareness you might want a stronger spawn sound effect (possibly with surround so players can tell where enemies are coming from) and sound effects for each creature. The gun sound effects could be a little better, and I felt that the axe was woefully underpowered. The double jump felt great, although it fell short in a lot of places that seemed to be in reach. Finally, I think as a whole it's annoying when you're firing enemies and when you kill one, their death animation takes bullets for the guys behind them. Especially with the ice creatures. 

The biggest problem was probably the fact that the skill names and weapons were either variables or placeholders. Great demo though, I hope to see good things from this!

Man I would love to see this made into a larger game. It felt very great to play, nice work.

I absolutely love the demo so far! The style, the combat, everything. Have you considered a price point yet?

Wow that's very generous to give the full game for 5 dollars! I'll have to try it out when I get to my good computer. Would you say you guys are inspired by Mount and Blade in anyway?

Speaking of physics based combat you might also want to check out the Examina game as well. Good luck on your game!

Well I'm sold on this demo. I like using point and click elements especially in my action games. I can only hope you can come up with more puzzling scenarios (and perhaps multiple solutions maybe?). 

Tone, it's great. R-Rated 80s shlock popcorn flick. I'd the the graphics might be a little inconsistent but it works just fine.

Biggest part I think you need to improve is the combat. The fast punches feel too floaty, but the charge p/k is great. There seems to be no difference between the two (punches and kicks) currently, which is a shame. Combos, grabs, back-attacks, jump attacks, etc. Get crazy. 

Looking forward to the finished product. 

Pretty sure, either way the update works fine now!

Yup! Although, the update actually went through, now I'm back on the update loop.

Well now the updater doesn't want to start at all, it just hangs. Finicky thing, updaters, eh? Lol.

I keep getting into the update loop unfortunately. 

Could you show off more gameplay? I'm really curious

The website link doesn't seem to work!

Well if you could, somehow tell her she sung wonderful! The opening animations are great too, good job guys.

What a wonderful song! What language is it in, and who sung it?

Did you remove the demo?

What's the download key for?

If so I'm very interested in that.

I think either (or both) some sort of steam workshop integration or just a minor slightly curated database of cosmetics would be cool.

Maybe even change the color of the little guy?

This looks great! Will we ever see a PC version anytime soon?

Congratulations! I'm glad you guys finally succeeded, and I hope you do well for the stretch goals.

It's a fantastic game miya! Good job. 

shake my head my head?

What a great idea! A good way to build customer trust is to provide consistent feedback and updates. It shows you care. 

Oh, I just meant difficulty overall. I think games like Wizardry are better suited for one overall difficulty that the game is developed around. I do like the sound of adding more depth to the formula, and I would love to see what you might do with it.

Although difficulty settings does sound like an interesting option, especially if some rules change. You know how certain enemies can 1hit kill PC's with a behead attack? Maybe have that as a rule for the base game, but easier difficulties remove it. Or maybe you get different, more harder encounters on harder difficulties, adding a certain challenge to people proficient in the genre.

It's an interesting thought, to be sure. Though I don't know if it's worth the effort!

I would certainly play it! It looks like a faithful adaptation of old Wizardry, and I'm curious to see what kind of Wizardry we're going for. As in, are we talking 4 levels of hard or maybe somewhere along the lines of 1?