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Lol I told myself when I first saw this - "Wow! This looks like I got it in a magazine for a DOS machine", and then I read the description. Welcome back to indie development guys! 

Uh, somehow there's only the mac version up now. 

Hell yeah! Worth the wait. Hopefully you guys nail down the gameplay soon. 

I will!

Well I'd love to play this game if there was a download link. Is this an thing or perhaps it was taken back for testing?

Good work, looking forward to the update.

Honestly this was such a well polished game I don't think I have any feedback, other than I kind of want an option to pass turn. I understand the last level was kind of built on the whole move to get into the certain rhythm of the lava thing but it felt more frustrating than an actual puzzle (and I may or may not have brute forced passed it).

Other than that, very charming.

Oh I like this one! The enemy variety gives me that Quake vibe especially with the grenade launcher, and I like how everything is an actual bullet, no hitscan. Of course that does make the shotguns feel a little slow? Same goes for pistols. I feel like I miss shots because the shotgun bullet speed is slower than expected.

One more consistent problem I found was that the game never grabbed my cursor, so it was always there when playing. Which was odd.

I hope to see a finished game in a halloween soon :P

Love the new demo, although an early issue I got was when I was playing with the controller plugged in. I didn't use the experimental gamepad mode but even then when I took damage the controller kept rumbling until I shut down the game.

I really do love this prototype, I hope this is still a thing because it's very polished. 

What a wonderful demo. It feels like you took some of the best parts of kirby levels and made it into a fun game. There's a lot of thought put into the switching mechanic and to make each weapon feel very fun kudos.

I don't have any gripes at the moment other than some weapons are inherently easier to use than others (the axe taking some used to) and it being daunting on some players all the switching and mechanics. There's a lot in there, especially in the upgrades, that may need to be explained. 

Man I'm impressed you can do this with GZDoom. Criticisms:

- There may be some kind of input delay? I dunno but it feels off whenever I try to do jumps or shield, like it's taking long than it should. 

- The default controls are strange, the feel kind of unnatural with a controller. I'm still not certain what the support button does but I assume that came later in the demo. 

- The shield their face charging guys have a weird prompt, and overall feel janky. Like their charge doesn't feel smooth, the transition between face hit and shield is odd, etc.

- There's a huge difficulty curve after you go underground. And when you die the healthkit doesn't respawn when you go down there. There isn't enough space to move around and your jump isn't high enough to dodge both of them coming at you (they come out at different times)

- Love the animations and the graphics, though I saw that the bullets  go behind the background during the power on section and there's fire bursts. There should also be a prompt saying you can shield through those.

- Was the bullets being stronger when you're out of charge on purpose? 

- Dash jump feels really good to use. 

- There's a few typos in the demo parts, might want to re-look over that/

Really fun stuff overall, though I can't really get through that difficult ambush, lol.

That was pretty fun! The end boss was easier than I expected, but I really like the feeling of punch. Good job!

Wow I'm glad you guys are still working on this game!

Dude, I hope you continue this because this is ace stuff

I can repeat this glitch quite often if that's what you mean, but no I didn't find any other bugs. Other than this one bug that makes the player stuck after flipping. 

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Windows 10 Home

Nvidia GTX 1070 

8gb RAM

Basically just whenever I press Q things just start wigging out. Video here:

EDIT: At the end my controls got like, inverted. Well not exactly inverted but rotated, I guess. 

Very cute game. I didn't check the controls so I didn't know about the powers until like level 2, but very fun times for Halloween withdrawal men like me.  

Who did the voices? Was it just stock sounds? 

- Class Building (you know, slottable skills, multi-class)

- Monster training (if any monsters)/taming? 

- I guess an easier way to plan/see how the physics is gonna play out. Was there an indicator for where the target is gonna move back? That'd be useful. 

- Speed slider. This is always a tool not often implemented, but essentially the option to skip/speed up all animations. 

- Could do with a bit of sound of course but I know this is just a WIP. 

Very fun demo, truly. 

I really like the ground manipulation, very important way to stand yourself out from most tactics RPGs. I really hope to see more. 

Interesting game, but I'm having mouse control issues whenever I flip. I press Q and the game kind of bounces whenever I try to look around.

I think this game has a lot of potential. Random key points that I hope will be helpful, but if nothing else I think your game was really fun.

- Control feels odd with KB&M. The mouse pointer moves with the characters movement, would probably be better if it didn't do that.

- Attack ranges, there needs to be attack ranges, otherwise I'm just rapidly clicking on the enemy while moving. As well as indicator you have line of sight. 

- Tootips? Maybe a way to indicate right clicking gives enemy movement area. As well as the show all enemy movement. The way to talk to others and show info seems clunky too. Why not just double click to show enemy stats, or normal click to show dialogue? Same goes for skills, it'd be easier if the name was on the bottom, maybe a small description.

- Balance seems fine though for the mage (I already forgot names) fire attack, her minigame is tough compared to the ice attack. You can easily do more damage with ice. Maybe consider another minigame (or just higher damage output for fire to compensate). Gamble doesn't seem to do much but I can tell she's WIP

- Love the graphics. This isn't much but the way the alchemist shakes her hips is v cute. All their attacks are visually appealing.  I love the designs. A+ points here.

- Sound effects! I hope the knight gets a better attack sound for hits. 

- Stat explanation on level up would be nice too. 

- Enemies, could be smarter? Some of them seem to do nothing. I also want to see resistances and what-not, something to make things harder.

Love this demo.

Looking forward to it!

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This is amazing! I hope to see more of this. 

EDIT: I beat both(?) levels on the hardest difficulty, I want more now :P

Levels 3 and 4 aren't accessible in the downloaded version for me. 

This was really fun, I hope to see more from you one day!

I welcome this idea!

Although one problem I feel right off the back is that the timers spawn randomly, and honestly can easily mess you up due to simple chance. Since the map isn't symmetrical, you could have an unfair spawn where you can't reliably get to the timer unless you were experienced. 

Maybe instead have the timers give lower output, but have them spawn more constantly? That way you can keep people moving but make it a little more fair? Or floating easily accessible collectibles spawn away from the player, I dunno.


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This is just, great. 

Multiple things, love the artstyle, if you come back to it, please reuse it. Tank AI was fun as was taking their guns. I can only wish you do a Ms.Pac-Man to this Pac-Man and add more levels in the future! 

EDIT: More feedback, ah, I kind of wish the guns had less bullets and more damage. That way you didn't have to unload multiple clips. Maybe a way to see what damage you did too? Grenades in this regard and takedowns are way better. 

Lean button! That way you don't get surprised too soon and get bodied at the last second.

This is so cute dude, can't wait for it

Looking forward to it.

And Happy Halloween. 

Hello, thank you so much for making this demo.

I hope to see more out of this. I loved the setting, soundtrack, the graphics and the feel. You definitely put a lot of passion into this, and I can only hope you'll finish the game. 

I would love to see more.  I beat it and now I just want to know it ends!

I love the game so far! My only suggestion would be what icefill said, and maybe a backstory couldn't hurt either. 

It's fine! I'm glad that I'll be able to play it on the Switch regardless. 

Congratulations! Is there any plan for the Japanese version to at least have the English translation?

It controls fine,

the music actually has some good beats

the option menu does need work but the characters are cute

Happy Leif Ericson Day

I'm really looking forward to whatever you come up with. I'm very happy with this game, even if the feedback you received is very much correct. 

I hope whatever you turn out becomes bigger and better! 

Oh, last thing, I will say that I love the custom character option - but I would like it if they had their own lines/profile picture as well at the end of combat. It feels like you're missing something when you play custom. 

Lovely game! I love the mood I love the pace.

It needs to be said that people will be reminded of sonic and his homing attack, but I like the way you handle that rhythm that encourages methotical but fast plays rather than button mashing. Some may have to memorize the right patterns to S Rank (like myself) but I think you got a real gem on your way if the later levels can ramp up the difficulty with this rhythm. 

No real complaints, although you get a lot turnips so far. I feel like things will have to be super costly for them to be worth something. 

Hello! I liked this game. Few bits of feedback in case you want to revisit such a game in the future!

- I had some sensitivity issues. I think it might be my mouse but it was super slow. I fixed it when I manually changed my mouse sensitivity. Would like an option to mess around it. 

- The platforming gems bit was slightly painful cause the turret was shooting through the level geometry. Also the stairs had a bit of area behind it and you can get stuck in it pretty easily. Same goes for Boss. More frustrating than difficult (nobody can hit you there so it's just like - aaah no). 

- Guns felt great but the enemies were bullet spongey. That said I loved the dynamic of shooty guys, and guys that run at you. Those fire guys didn't seem to be able to do anything though!

- Loved the boss. 

I just wish there was more there! But I really did enjoy the feeling of the game. 

I don't see the download link. Something happen?

What a wonderful beta! So far I love the simple to learn hard to master aspects of the game, it feels very much like Fire Emblem with a Grand Strategy layer! Adore it, as well as the setting - very I don't want to say Forgotten Realms but more like Conan? 

Anyway useful feedback. So far the only thing I miss is enemy range, so being able to see how far enemies can attack, along with their movement. 

A bug I encounted was the mission where you invade Koduma and face off against Taoa. It's a repeatable bug but basically I saved before the fight, and the fight worked as well as it should. Then, our mage died in battle so I decided to soft-reset. After loading the enemies would attack Taoa instead and lock the game. I can upload my save data if you need it. 

Only other thing I have to mention is that perhaps you could gain something when you conquer/liberate a land? Getting no money or units at all seemed odd to me. Other than that I think you have a great little game right here.