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A member registered Dec 29, 2016

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make it have little bit story like fall from ship or something like that

And also ad some mechanic

Example: u can make computer chip wrench Etc

And you also can make radio and something else to comicate to people

also item that can detect your coordinate so people can help like helicopter

I have another idea too like a Day time they use shark but at night the shark sleep

so u can explore under water too find some item

Example:seaweed ,soil (for tree i mean where the soil comefrom if not from under water),rocks,coral,Etc)

but it not even use all cpu usange and ram :(

need help my game so lag

Ram:4gb garphic card:310m nvidia intel core 15 2.5GHZ

my fps max 16 and i still just use 25% cpu usage and 1,3 gb ram

Help me pls somebody

i have problem myi using windos 7 ram 4 gb and NVDIA 310m i play csgo with evrage 40fps but when i play raft my fps turn to 5-7 help pls :( is it bacause the game engine is unity?or else?