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The art is so beautiful, with such a personal style, and the story has something really deep and intimate about it, we loved the game! 

We loved the game! It´s a really interesting insight and use of everyday items, and the visual were just perfect for it.

Our favourite part were the speech bubbles happening on the background <3

Thank you so much! This is such a nice comment <3

We are glad that it made you feel that way ♥

Thank you very much for playing and your nice review!!

We are glad you liked the characters, and also, you chose one of our favourites routes for the demo! ♥♥♥

Out of A-Line is a visual novel on development about two fashion students starting their professional life in a well known indie fashion studio.

In this journey, they will make meaningful relationships with their co-workers and new people they'll meet, such as romance, friendship or even rivalry. In this demo, you'll get know most of this characters, and get familiar with their workplace. In the future, we want to add minigames about fashion, (and more!) to add to the experience of working in the fashion industry.

(Available in spanish and english!)

This demo was made for NaNoReNo 2021.

Link to the game: