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I just wanted to let you know what none of us would waste our money on something we wouldn't even play.

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This message has been edited for personal reasons.


Merry Christmas, my plague friend!

I helped playtest this with Lagtrul before it got posted, I'm very proud to have helped aetrul know what happened before we posted this.

Merry Christmas Coolguy!

This is so fucking sick

Bro I love some of these songs.

we both sent it on guilded lol

do we just do what will be shown or the full sprite

"byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" -eidk

really good job cg! amazing work!

gay song
10/10 tbh great work cg amazing art.

*smacks lips*

bro i got owned while i was fucking asleep. ;-;

I mean nobody uses this anymore so yeah, it's dead as hell



I have a feeling that the ctp community is going downhill. We haven't seen a message from cg for a couple days, ctp chat is dead (like normal), and drama starts randomly and nobody is there to fully stop it because cg is gone.  This goes to show how this community can't handle being without the creator of the community for a couple of days.


happy birthdfay

3er looking like a paintbrush lol

Hi there Meri! :D

Can I be spooky?


It does go in order of who died, I still laugh at the squeeky noise that I made before I died. Thanks for making that video cg.

There is CG's server, and then the one that me and radical own (that I actually created in minecraft as a WIP) which if you want to join it sians, I'd dm you it.

I agree. Most of the time, there is just nothing to do here so I forget about it as much as I can.


Missed the Opportunity to call it Endless Madness.

Everyone here should watch Coolguy's videos, they are really good and funny.

oh no it's the sians everybody run

Welp, I know I'm never eating again. This is disgusting.

how about YOU go kill yourself you fucking retarded bastard.

I think I know what's going on, It's the thing were me eidk cheese and radical could get banned if me and eidk talk, cg added eeggee yesterday, I think aetrul might be a part of it idk but great artwork tak!

Well I'm SORRY I don't check the wiki, smartass.

Batman sonic? I don't think he was planned for the mod. If you are thinking of the song "Gotta Go", that's actually a lord x song.

alright, thanks tak

I'm confused, can you explain tak?

We all need an alt costume.