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Hiya, thanks! Don't worry I don't expect any points there haha! I don't know if you saw the description or not - the coding ended up being a bit more difficult than I expected so I ended up not having time to put in nice graphics or sound. I learned a lot at least

haha thank you!  I care a lot about stories. I will fix the stretch thing when I next patch this; it's definitely happened to at least 1 other person

I found out I needed to enable stretch_mode in the project settings! that was the issue.

Yeah I think just that - art isn't really my area of expertise but that's what I imagined!

seconding (thirding? fourthing?) the comment about the dog walk animation. I think if you did the rest of the game in a similar art style it would be really beautiful

thanks for being so helpful. Love your game by the way

are you clicking fullscreen? Maybe a fullscreen option appears that shouldn't or something. It looks like it's opening in a too-high resolution. so strange!

Thanks! That's really weird. When I open mine in Chrome it works fine. You aren't on mobile or fullscreening it are you? And you're clicking and dragging the chips?

I pushed the first box to the left but I think you have the conveyor belt next to the button going the wrong way, so it catches the box and pushes it against the wall. It's a really cool look for a game, love the shaders! Also the R button doesn't seem to restart the level either

Really cool! Very unique gameplay mechanic and reliable platforming

Thanks for trying! I've since made it work in time properly, but sadly too late to fix :'(

Hiya, yeah I discovered there are some performance issues :( it's when the game hangs for whatever reason, and then the pendulum thing goes out of sync with the audio. I think the code probably needs to be redone somehow

This was amazing; really a piece of art. I had no idea that it was possible to make a 3d game that looks this bright, beautiful and modern in 48 hours. You've inspired me to try and do a 3d game next jam!

just so u know i tried downloading it as well as playing in browser

Ok this is amazing, really beautiful art, and a really cool idea; I'd love to see people speedrunning it etc!

However for me, down arrow and left arrow do the exact same thing, while up arrow and right arrow are opposites, which isn't how the tutorial made it sound! Also I feel like having the proper game start when you roll off the menu island has downsides; I rolled off it accidentally when I had no idea what I was doing lol, and then the full game started and I was like 'oh no!'

I have the high score on hard >:)

Really cool, great music, lovely art, relaxing but also energizing; really fun and addictive.

Although I think you need to find a way to make it get even harder since I was on hard mode for ages and I eventually gave up lol. I know I should try keyboard but still it feels like there should be some extra challenge somehow.

A really really cool game; I love the art even though it's minimal. The idea of defending a house floating in the sky is very beautiful to me. The music is amazing too, did you compose it??

Ah yeah that's a good point! I agree with that, it's a bit badly spaced

really appreciate that :) it was my first time working with a musician and we communicated loads throughout -

thanks for playing! when you say the margins, what do you mean? you didn't play the game on mobile did you? I definitely agree that I'd like to make the UI more fun and arcade-y with combo flashing in colours and having SFX and stuff

i forgot to put it in the instructions but you can ask them to repeat by pressing A! thanks for the kind words + glad you enjoyed

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it wouldn't load for me - stuck at about 90% on the unity loading screen (I haven't put in a rating)

Amazing modelling and animation! And beautiful music, really nice UI.

There was a bit where three waiters were in a horizontal line, one was ever so slightly (20cm-ish) behind the other two but it barely looked possible to squeeze through. Also if you move into a lane where you would be bumped, the detection for the collisions happens before the animation for you entering the lane finishes, so you bump into waiters without physically 'bumping into' them.

but it was really fun to play.

it was too hard to remember which control was which, and I wasn't sure of the story or anything, but the art was really cool

It was quite hard to get to grips with. I think it's amazing you used real photos of an elephant but it's a bit hard to tell when you're going to go off balance!

Really cute! I love the modelling and animation, and the puzzles were really charming and challenging

Really cute! I love the modelling and animation, and the puzzles were really charming and challenging

Really nice, well done :) I love the music in the bee game especially. And the shaders are great! I really like the idea of one-button games

This was amazing! It took me a few tries to realise it and the hints were helpful. But once I got into it it really felt distinctive. I would love to see this developed into a longer game with a story, slightly more interesting combat mechanics. It's my favourite I've played this jam

thank you! definitely just guesswork yeah haha. The same key always produces the same sound, but there's no way of knowing without memorizing

I like how you used the distancing idea to turn everyday people into enemies, I think that says something about how everyone's been feeling. The gameplay was really smooth too; I didn't find any bugs at all. I don't think it was necessarily relevant to the theme though; this is almost the opposite of solidarity haha.

really beautiful! where did you get the music, it's incredible! my game unfortunately broke when the top cannon sort-of "couldn't choose" its position - it was going back and forth, one point to another every frame and so never fired a shot, so nothing happened. but it was really fun up until then! I love how the cannonballs can get stuck underneath your barrier and end up knocking over many subjects

yea that's a good idea! thank you

amazing that you got kids in to do the art, it's really well-done especially the animations.

Thank you - you should see my previous game jam entry, it probably was the least positive entry in the whole jam lol. At least I'm bold

a cool idea, well-executed especially given the time - I didn't try to make something as technical. Everything was really clear! I feel like there were a lot of levels and sometimes it didn't feel so rewarding; I personally would have liked something extra like a story of some kind, but that's just me

thank you for playing! Oh that's interesting; E always worked for me - I wonder what's up with it. Yes; the game playing in the background of the dialogue is intentional, the aim is to create a tension between thinking about your long-term life and dealing with your short-term priorities! And I did know about that exploit, but wasn't sure how easy it would be to fix. I decided to leave it asis.I

I think I did want to make it challenging to reflect the fact that in real life you're bound to make mistakes and that it'll have consequences for others, but if given more time I'd try and make it a bit more fun

thank you! The fact you found it jarring to play was intended - I was aiming to recreate a situation where you're in a high-pressure situation but at the same time need to make moral decisions about your life and future - they seem like annoying distractions at the time, but in fact they're very important. But I think there's some work to do in making that obvious to players; or making it an enjoyable experience despite that intentionally jarring element

Thanks I really appreciate that! I'm trying to find ways to mix gameplay and narrative, and with this I wanted to make a kind of uncomfortable decision as to whether to "quit your job" by leaving with the characters or not. But it's quite hard to get that across!

thanks for the feedback! The music was original, by our team member Muse. You can find her here on twitter - she runs a game studio. I did the code; I'd been ill on the weekend and didn't want to put myself through too much so there are indeed some bugs still. It was actually most of our team's first game jam! Thanks for playing it through; on reflection we did decide we wished we'd worked on the concept more. But we had fun making it as a team and I'm excited to try more things out