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It's finally done!

p.s : No idea what this is? Check here :

the end

Does anyone else fall for it everytime?

The Hammer-bot looks really cool, so I did this short warm-up drawing of this guy.

I've had this idea in the back of my head for quite a while, but because it's actually a thing now. I guess I should tell you guys.

Beastmaster : A robot with a green-clad outfit riding a specially armoured Fire Raptor, he appears as the final boss of the 3rd chapter. He rides around on his raptor, breathing fire everywhere. After his raptor is killed, he'll enter berserk mode, calling in mark 3 robots and drawing out a sword, he essentially has the same skills of a more advanced Mark 4 sword robot with more resistance.

I hope you guys liked the sketch I made :)

In case you missed it.

In spite of armor being added to the game, I decided to make my own go at making armor models.

Here they are:

Back view:

I give Doborog full rights to use, change or be inspired by these models without rendering any payment except for praise and gratitude.

However, I do not know if these models will be added into the game.


If you want the files, feel free to tell me on Steam :

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I made some concept art for when you upgrade your clone, it will also look different.

Here they are:

UPDATE: The challenge is finally out:

I'm currently working on a challenge called "The Endurance Test", an extremely brutal challenge not for the faint of heart. It has 7 levels.

(I've actually completed building the level but I've been playtesting it for about 4 hours now trying to beat it lol)

I was playing around in the Pyramid map until I discovered this.

I'm having the idea of making a weird comic thing where i take pictures from the actual game and add annotations to the robots.

possibly something like this:

What do you guys think? Is this cringy? Is this a bit too lame? Post your thoughts and maybe I'll make more.



I've heard Erik say somewhere on a stream that coding that sort of thing would be very tedious and challenging, so I don't think it'll happen, especially with the slicing mechanics we already have.

oh look. more of these.

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When you kill multiple robots with the hammer's sideswing, there's something that's so satisfying seeing all the bits and pieces flying around.

Find out next time in: Clone Drone's BIZZARE ADVENTURE! - PREPARE YOURSELF, HUMAN!


I made a thing and a sword and shield, here it is

I remember seeing a giant robot dog with a giant saw on it's face.

Does anyone happen to have a picture of it?

I love this game, but there are still many annoying things in the game. So I made a list of some improvements.

1. Having your right arm removed would put you in the "unarmed state" instead of death.

2. There are shadows with weird lines near the elevator.

3. It's really hard to differentiate dialogue between Commentatron and Emperor.

4. Some dialogue typos/grammar mistakes.

5. Some levels in endless have repeated dialogue.

6. When a robot blocks your sword hit, it should be stunned when it has been hit an amount of time. (Mk1 = 1 times, Mk2 = 2 times etc.)

7. Having 1 voxel removed from will result in death for some reason.

8. Getting hit by Spidertron bombs will instakill you at certain times.

9. Last enemies should have markers on their head since sometimes it's really hard to find them, especially on the spidertron 6000 and moving saws level.

10. It's really hard to kick an enemy at point blank range.

That's all that I found so far, I'll eventually add more.

LOL! Really nice! What analysis bot would've looked like with arms and legs

P.S. I would appreciate it if someone could write something about how anaylsisbot got his limbs back

is power kick a reward for completing the challenge?

So after beating a level in endless mode, i went in the elevator and then.. this happened.

apparently it has something to do with removing body parts falling into the elevator or something.

Fire breath is an awesome ability on paper, but once I unlocked it, It seems to be really lackluster for some reason.

1. Fire breath requires you to have all of your energy recharged, which makes it really tedious to use. I like to fly around in my jetpack and sword slicing robots, so I never have a chance to fully use fire breath.

2. Using fire breath on Spidertron-6000 works half of the time, due to the fact that the bombs can knock you over and make you waste all your energy.

I'd suggest that Fire breath should be able to be used anytime, even when your energy's not full. So maybe pressing F could toggle it on and off?


UPDATE: so after messing around in qubicle a bit, i cobbled up a model for the fire bots.

Download it here:

So.. I heard that there will be robots that use fire as weapons.

I decided to make 5 heads for the robots.


personally, my favourite is number 5.

wait a minute... on the second gif...


Hasta la vista, baby.

(1 edit) rest in pieces

p.s (you can actually play the new build now but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

heres my go at making the reddit alien into a mark 1 sword robot (link might not work)