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Luciano Pimentel

A member registered May 01, 2020

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Thank you very much, I will add in game. This year I want to finish my game, I'm shortly there. I'm using most of your creations. What I need to program now are the bosses. I will expect your boss creations in a future package.

Waiting for this possible bomb. In 2022, it would be possible to create a pack containing only bosses. I've already bought all your packs and I need bosses for the game. A pack containing bosses that I will buy as soon as it is released. Thank you in advance 馃

It was just what I needed. Is there a possibility to create new content? Space base, Asteroids or another area on some planet. I already purchased this package, it's sensational. Congratulations on your excellent work, waiting for a new update.

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Yes, just like in Raiden or Viper Phase 1 game, where you can drop a bomb causing more damage to enemies and clearing the screen

could create an explosion for bomb, when exercising a special.

I just acquired it, congratulations on the work. Is there a possibility to create a pack of animated enemies or bosses? Text translated by Google.

Please create an animated enemies pack. I will purchase as soon as I launch... Congratulations for your work.

I am creating a mobile game, as soon as it is ready I will send you a link on YouTube .. My game is 70% complete .. Text translated by Google 馃憤馃徎

Hello Friend! If you are going to create a background package and a boss package .. I will be the first to acquire it. I already have 3 packages of yours in my game. Text translated by Google 馃

Hello Friend!! It鈥檚 the third package you got, I鈥檓 on my mobile project and it鈥檚 getting great. As soon as I finish, I'll let you know .. Thankful for your products .. Text translated by Google translator

Hello, I just purchased your product .. Recently this is the second package I bought. I will use them all in my first game. I'm already with all the mechanics practically ready .. Thank you for your work 馃憤馃徎 Text translated by Google translator ..

Hello, I just purchased your products ..

When I have a demo of my project, I want to make a video and play it on YouTube, I would like you to see it.

Messages translated by Google, thanks 馃憤馃徎