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Luciano Pimentel

A member registered May 01, 2020

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I intend to purchase 3 of your packs, consider creating a space enemies pack.. asteroids, alien ships, spaceships..

I'm going to be the first to buy it, I'm developing the game and that's exactly what's missing, especially the explosion of the main bomb (special).

please watch the Viper Phase 1 game, do you think you can reproduce the missile explosions and the main bomb explosion (special),

Do you think it's possible to create a background package. City, sea, land and space?

I get the following message "Failed to create PayPal payment (422)"

Have you ever thought about creating a package, with separate parts.. To use as bosses, in a higher resolution.

Create a pack with animated enemies, I just bought this one. Congratulations on the work 馃

I want to buy this pack.. You have another pack that contains some shooting cannons.. Would it be possible to add with this one? You think about creating some animated enemies and I can change them to add to my game. Your name will be in the credits when I complete my project.. I'm bad at pixel art and good at programming.. Thank you, congratulations for the work.

I want to buy if not possible. Thanks in the same way.. I also want to leave a suggestion, if possible to create animated enemy. In the enemy pack, any enemy that is spinning around itself.

I don't want to combine parts as you mentioned. What I would like is a new ship, complete and lively. So that it's exclusive to my game. I'm willing to buy. I wanted a ship similar to the R-Gray 0 from the Rayforce game. I thank you for your attention.

Thanks in advance, if not possible. My suggestion for your update packages would be backgrounds.

Hi, congratulations for the work. I would like to know, if it is possible to create a unique ship for my project. If possible, what would be the value. I would like a ship similar to the R-Gray 0 from the Rayforce game.

Incentive applied double 馃

Thanks for adding bosses, I will make a donation to encourage your work. If you think about making updates to this pack, give priority to bosses and mini-bosses. Thank you again.

Yes, I'm happy. I'll be waiting to make the purchase. If possible you can release a pack containing bosses and with time you will update with some more. Without boss it is not possible to complete the game. Thanks for your attention 馃憦馃憦馃憦

Do you have plans to create some bosses? Funds are easy for me to settle. Now bosses I can't.

Hello, BOSS AND SPATIAL SCENARIOS (BACKGROUND), is there any possibility of purchase?

Thank you very much, I will add in game. This year I want to finish my game, I'm shortly there. I'm using most of your creations. What I need to program now are the bosses. I will expect your boss creations in a future package.

Waiting for this possible bomb. In 2022, it would be possible to create a pack containing only bosses. I've already bought all your packs and I need bosses for the game. A pack containing bosses that I will buy as soon as it is released. Thank you in advance 馃

It was just what I needed. Is there a possibility to create new content? Space base, Asteroids or another area on some planet. I already purchased this package, it's sensational. Congratulations on your excellent work, waiting for a new update.

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Yes, just like in Raiden or Viper Phase 1 game, where you can drop a bomb causing more damage to enemies and clearing the screen

could create an explosion for bomb, when exercising a special.

Please create an animated enemies pack. I will purchase as soon as I launch... Congratulations for your work.

I am creating a mobile game, as soon as it is ready I will send you a link on YouTube .. My game is 70% complete .. Text translated by Google 馃憤馃徎

Hello Friend! If you are going to create a background package and a boss package .. I will be the first to acquire it. I already have 3 packages of yours in my game. Text translated by Google 馃

Hello Friend!! It鈥檚 the third package you got, I鈥檓 on my mobile project and it鈥檚 getting great. As soon as I finish, I'll let you know .. Thankful for your products .. Text translated by Google translator

Hello, I just purchased your product .. Recently this is the second package I bought. I will use them all in my first game. I'm already with all the mechanics practically ready .. Thank you for your work 馃憤馃徎 Text translated by Google translator ..

Hello, I just purchased your products ..

When I have a demo of my project, I want to make a video and play it on YouTube, I would like you to see it.

Messages translated by Google, thanks 馃憤馃徎