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Well done. One bug: some of the small orb enemies would get caught on terrain, including lava. I had to walk through the lava to find them.

Fantastic job. I have to say that the lowercase letters in the command line confused me a bit, until I figured out that Shift and Caps Lock didn't do anything. Also, I couldn't find any hints for the levers on the right, so I did ternary counting. (Thankfully, time slowed a lot before I decided to do that.)

You say "only one stage," but it doesn't really feel like that. Your description hurt you, here.

I think I've seen something like this in Mario before, escorting Poochy or a Yoshi, but good job!

Not super creative, using a prompt that can be quoted from the video. But interesting execution.

Is there more than just a demo?

You have certainly demonstrated the need for typing, especially when the hitbox for each letter is only the letter itself and no blank space within it.

The death markers are very helpful, since placement of spikes, etc. isn't random. Still, if you want me to dodge stuff, having them slow down or simply having less to dodge might be nice.