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A member registered Sep 28, 2016

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Ah, thank you! It works now & I finished playing it just now. It's quite an interesting little game. =)

I really wanted to play this, but.. it just doesn't work. It won't even load in.

Oh wow, thanks! That was way easier .. ^^'.. I'm embarassed..

Yeah, thanks, but I clicked on EVERYTHING now and couldn't find ANYTHING.

Holy shit this was even better. Pure awesomeness here

This was amazing, holy shit. I was genuinely scared - and I'm NEVER scared at point'n'click games - and some parts were pretty tough to figure out, but not too tough. Good fucking job, wooow.

I am completely stuck at the very beginning, haha. The only thing I did so far is get the key for the drawer in the kids' room. Thats it. Can anyone help?