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The buttons at the very start ("Start, Options & Credits") are invisible and upon pressing on one it just goes to black.. nice 1st place.......

I rarely like a free game here so much that I leave a review, but I LOVED this. It was short but still had me thinking about it an hour after I finished. I wish there was some way of going straight back into the final choice after you've played through once, so you wouldn't have to play the whole game again, but I suppose since you can go through it all again in just like a minute, it doesn't matter.

Cool game, but a bit too hard in my opinion. The gauges run too quick & the running is too slow. Sure, you can use your points to change that, but you really only have 9-10 points to spend and that's not gonna fix even nearly enough problems.. :/

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Okay, I fixed it! I for some reason had cookies from third party websites (or whatever) blocked. I guess I never played a web game where you could save, so the error never occured for me till now. 

As for the actual game, I can't really give feedback yet. I haven't even left the first room/scene yet because after realizing I couldn't save, I didn't continue to play cuz I would've lost the progress anyway..
But now that I can save, I'll be sure to leave feedback when I've gathered enough to make an actual opinion. For now,  all I can say is that it looks pretty nice.

EDIT: Ok, you reeeally need to change the fighting system. The fact that you can't open your menu/inventory during a "fight" is bad enough, but that you can't even leave the zone during one is even worse. Like, besides trying to progress through the map, the main reason why you would want to leave a zone is to get out of a fight, heal up, etc. If you can't do that, you might aswell give me the "Game Over" screen instantly. Also, putting "fight" in quotation marks because.. they're not fights. Please give the zombies range so that once you're out of the range, you're not in a fight with them anymore. I'm speedrunning through a map and didn't realize I passed one of the zombies & it noticed me. So now, I'm tryna exit the zone but I can't because I'm in a "fight" with a zombie on the other side of the zone and you're telling me I need to walk through the whole map again, try to figure out which one of them looks like they're walking towards me instead of just walking randomly, and then kill them without getting any other zombies to notice me? Nah man. That's really bad game design.

And a side thing, but not that important if you make it so we can open inventory/leave zones during fights: the zombies are way too strong way too fast in my opinion. Like, third/fourth zone and you're already having trouble because the knife just sucks too much and you can't get a gun because it's too pricey for now.

No, I'm playing in browser but when I wanna save it just says "SecurityError" & helow that "Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document."

I'm giving you feedback right now.

Any way to download this? Can't even save on web..

Decent game, unfortunately a pain in the ass when you exit it though.

There's no menu or anything to actually close the game, so you gotta tab out, but upon doing so.. you're fucked. For some reason I can't press anything on my laptop except for a few things. I can press the Windows button & then press things in the menu that pops up, I can press Alt + Tab but then can't actually press anything there and I can Strg + Alt + Del, which I tried to open the Task Manager to force the game to close, but again, can't press anything in it. Sooo.. basically the way you close the game is by restarting your PC. nice.

Literally the worst game ever.. The gauges run out way too fast compared to how the tiles grow. There's absolutely no strategy or something involved, the gauge is just faster than your tiles unless you get the boost. If not. your tiles are fucked. Wow, super fun.

Would be cool if there was more to do other than just turn around. Like if you could actually move. :/

Yoo is this still in development or did the devs leave it? I definitely want more heh

Ah, thank you! It works now & I finished playing it just now. It's quite an interesting little game. =)

I really wanted to play this, but.. it just doesn't work. It won't even load in.

Oh wow, thanks! That was way easier .. ^^'.. I'm embarassed..

Yeah, thanks, but I clicked on EVERYTHING now and couldn't find ANYTHING.

Holy shit this was even better. Pure awesomeness here

This was amazing, holy shit. I was genuinely scared - and I'm NEVER scared at point'n'click games - and some parts were pretty tough to figure out, but not too tough. Good fucking job, wooow.

I am completely stuck at the very beginning, haha. The only thing I did so far is get the key for the drawer in the kids' room. Thats it. Can anyone help?