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This is much more fun than it sounds, especially with the ability to switch modes

Really cool little game

This was a cool game. It's  shame various elements are missing, but this was still fun to play.

The list of requirements in the bottom of the jam main text says:

"The game must fit within 1.44MB uncompressed."

I imagine all methods of compression, including zip folders, are therefore ruled out.

This is really good, the atmosphere is fantastic

Cool game, lovely characters and backgrounds, good build up of suspense about the mystery object

Loving these visuals

I do rather like that particle effect you've got going on.

This looks really cool, love how you've managed to get the map layout to fit together with all these rectangular rooms. The art style looks great too.

Is there going to be an on screen map to aid with navigation? I imagine the perspective changes could become a little disorienting during play (some classic survival horror games had problems with this). The Consuming Shadow does something with a similar style (which you may already know about as you've referenced another of Yahtzee's games) but with the perspective remaining consistent, because it's just layers of corridor rooms.

I can see the way you've done it allows for much more complex and varied maps though, which could let you get a lot more variety .

Love the concept. 

Hello everybody

I brainstormed a bunch of ideas but this one seemed to have the best combination of 'feasible in my tiny time limit' and 'could maybe be a decent game', so I'm stretching the concept of a roguelike pretty far by making a fishing game.


  • Procedural lakes
  • Simple fishing mechanics
  • Permadeath (on broken line or hook)
  • Searching around for items
  • Randomly generated poetry (maybe)
  • Slowly passing the day
  • The most chill roguelike experience ever

Thus far I have character movement and procedurally generated lakes down, having started last night. Hoping to get more of the interactive stuff in today.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I like this. The monster is cute and it made me lol at the end

Fun stuff :)

Pretty nifty implementation of flickgame :)

A pretty novel concept, which kind of reminds me how much we use shortcuts to find letters in the alphabet sequence rather than actually knowing their exact locations.

Also the fact it appears to be running in a video is kinda like...whaaaat?

Great visuals and feel, but unfortunately I had way too much trouble with the movement controls (the point and click didn't seem to want to register.) to be able to progress very far. Shame because I liked the premise.

Also no sound here either.

In case it matters I'm on Firefox 27.0.1, windows 8.

Hey cool game, the jumping physics take a little getting used to but really catchy gameplay and great aesthetics.