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I absolutely love this game, i’ve been playing it for days! i have every single item except for the sharp sword (i think that’s what it’s called, the one that looks like a knife) and i’m having trouble making the whetstone due to a possible bug. i’ve made it once before with clay and gravel, but i tried again and it made a crucible instead. it’s says there’s 5 more recipes for whetstone, could you possibly tell me one that might work? i can’t get it through the hint system, it only comes up with the recipe for the sharp sword. i’m playing on ios if that helps :)) can’t wait for more updates!!!

this game is breathtaking. it reminds me of that one post that said if you were at the bottom of a staircase that had the best things ever said about you at the top, but the worst things ever said about you at the bottom, would you go up? in order to be loved, we must submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known. thank you so much.

I love this game so much! the style is adorable and the ghosts are super cute. just wondering, what do the different kinds of ghosts mean or how do u get them and how do u get the hats???? thank you so much!

best! vn! ever! so relatable and cute, even with some bgs and sprites being obvious wips, i loved it!!!!

is the first restroom ending the intimate ending? cuz that's what i got in my first play through. i love this game sm!!!

I think that's bc if all your slots are full you don't have the capacity to get another cat. you can buy more slots with coins!