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Thank you! I know that a lot of the mechanics are pretty hard to understand, I'll try to correct that in an update with a tutorial.

I love the overall concept and backstory of this game, but finding the spy was pretty hard the first time I played the game. Dance mode was super hard for me, probably because the arrow keys don't have the same arrangement as on the screen, but was really fun anyhow.

Love2D is the framework, not the engine. I'm using my own engine I made specifically for pixel art style games, and it doesn't allow for higher resolution drawing (although I could implement that, but it would make for some really messy code).

I do agree, it does need a tutorial, but I didn't have time to implement one during the game jam (also engine limitations force me to use low resolution for all drawing, so text would be hard to fit on the screen)

Not yet, but it looks cool.

Hmm, I wonder why that is. Talk to me over on the Game Off Discord, communication using itch is rather slow.

Yes, that's Love2D, but keep in mind that it's a framework, not an engine. This means you have to implement all of the game logic and physics yourself, and my implementation is rather poor (it works, but there's a lot of messy and hard to maintain code).

Of course I'll expand on the concept, but I need a better engine now (the one I'm currently using has a very messy codebase, and I need to make a rewrite), so updating the game might take a while.

Does the game throw an error, or something?

I didn't have time to implement a tutorial unfortunately, so I tried to make the game as responsive as possible, but unfortunately the mechanics were pretty complicated in the end and it didn't work out :/

Thanks for the feature!

Thanks for your opinion! Currently I'm not working on the game (break because of GitHub Game Off), but I'll take your suggestions into account. I'm not sure about what kind of visual feedback I should implement for the Spamality meter and the health bar, I also don't want to implement any tutorials, as I believe this would go against the retro theming.

The game was made in 2 days, I didn't have enough time for music :/

Again, thank you for your feedback!

I didn't have time to make the music during the jam, I focused more on balancing the gameplay and making everything feel satisfying. Thanks for your feedback!

Of course I will update the game! I'm currently working on a bigger rewrite, that's why there's no news and stuff. Anyways, I'll improve the AI, so it uses the A* algorithm instead of this "follow the player, bounce off of walls" thing, I didn't have time to do that during the jam. Also I'll try to fix the exploit (because it is possible) in some update. Thanks for your feedback!

You know, on my mouse, keeping the aim steady was pretty easy... Maybe it's just the surface I use my mouse on. Anyway, thanks!

Spamality! is my arcade shooter for Open Jam 2018, the theme was spam to win, and I came up with this:

*the game looks slightly different in the final version, because I changed the font to not infringe PICO-8's copyright

Because the game was made for a game jam, I wasn't quite able to add many mechanics, but I'll be developing the game further after the jam ends.

Game page:

I'm open to any additional suggestions!

Alright, I just tried to play this game, and it seems to work perfectly now. Dunno what could be happening here

Spamality requires Love 11.1, it seems like you're using an older version (probably 0.10.x). Try updating Love using Fedora's package manager (I'm not familiar with the distro so I can't help), or compiling it from source.

Sure, will do that tommorow (it's pretty late here in Poland rn and I'm going to sleep soon)

Don't do drugs, kids.

I just tried playing in the browser, the glitch is still here :(

Thank you for all the suggestions! I'm actually planning to several post-jam updates right now I'm working on a better map save format for the engine (the current one's text based, which makes level editing terrible). After this update, new levels will be added for sure. As for the new weapons, I actually had the hold-to-fire idea in my mind for a second, but then scrapped it – it just felt too overpowered. The trap idea is really good though, I'll look into making the AI better to support this – first of all though, a bigger arena would be pretty much a necessity, so I'm gonna work on the maps first. I absolutely love (no pun intended) working with Love2D, it's an amazing framework, as it makes making pixel games like this much easier than the HTML5 Canvas I've worked with before. OOP in Lua is a pain though, I'll have to add some easier-to-use, more refactoring-friendly solution to the engine. Thanks for your feedback!

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See the Linux instructions in the description.

Edit: Go to the game page, as it seems like the submission's description doesn't feature the instructions.

Maybe I didn't see how the game fit the theme because it was too hard to understand most of it without reading the instructions, which was another pretty annoying thing, in the end, the game's still pretty cool!

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I'm not playing in the browser, I am playing the Linux version of the game

Edit: also, this doesn't log any errors, the game just freezes

I'm unable to play the game, as it constantly opens a valve job when I don't request it and crashes when I spin the valve.

Personally, I think the game barely fits the theme, but I have to say the mood is right there. I just hate how blurry those pixel graphics are.

Overall, I think this game has many flaws: mainly the controls. They feel sloppy, mainly the jumping is really annoying. If you could still jump after falling off a ledge for a split second, the controls would feel much better. The metal music builds up on the mood of the game, but the lack of sound effects is a con. However, I really have to say, the feel of the game is pretty cool, and if it would receive some more polish it would be much better.

Thank you!

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To expand on the title: When I publish my game on GitHub, and the voting ends, can I add patches or updates to the game? I didn't find anything about that in the rules.

The control bugs wouldn't be there if I only had a bit more time to spend on the game. Thanks!

Thank you!

Now that I think about it, it's actually like golf, as you're saying. Thanks!