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I cried. Not really but I felt like I should have.

Great game! I think....

That was the best thing I've ever experienced. Period.

It was fun, just one thing that pissed me off way too much, S-F Use the industry standard man! WASD not ESDF god damn that took me way too long tofind out I thought I could only move the right toaster. Like shit at least have the controls on screen if you're not going to be intuitive.

In The Rim was a space invaders clone on first release, and had varying degrees of success. This final release is actually a reboot of the game, adding; a story, a tutorial, a better movement system, allot more music, better bosses, an upgrade store, and much much more.

One significant change in the re-release was the ability to move freely rather than being locked to the bottom to the screen, as well as coming from the left side of the screen rather than the bottom, making the game into a side scrolling shooter. 

The story has a satisfying plot twist, should you manage to beat the game. I say should you beat the game, as this is a HARD game. It would take you about 20 minutes to beat it if you're good, but trust me when I say that you will die allot before you get good.

The developers update this frequently, so I actually recommend the mobile android release. The PC version is still fun regardless of the later update times.

I haven't met some one who enjoyed blowing up aliens less than drinking a soda, and this cost less than a soda, so take that how you will.

Here's a link, enjoy!
Hows that for not winning material.