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Woah, very creative! Love it :") 


Really creative! I love it :D

omg i'm so ready <3 - <3

Hello there Mougour,

I'm glad you liked the game and I hope that your girlfriend likes it too! I'm completely cool with you translating it and showing it to your gf or anything else as well. The game is open source for all I'm concerned. In fact, you can find the source code here:
I used the game engine Ren'py and you can change the text in the game by altering the words in Game/script.rpy . 

Below is a letter I wrote. I'm not used to hand writing things so it's pretty bad. Sorry about that! Anywho, have a great Christmas. 

Hm, curious! I actually do not have Linux running on my computer at the moment so it's difficult for me to check, I'm sorry! That being said, I just downloaded the linux file and it is in .zip format so I'm not sure I understand the error ^ ^: 

You can do whatever you want with the room you make, even sell it if you want! :" ) (I think that's what you were asking?)  

AWWW, that's so cute!!! I really like that idea and your character is so, so adorable! You made it look so festive and alive I love it!! Thanks for showing me! 

Woah that looks far better than anything I've ever made with it, haha! Also thank you for telling me about that error! I probably wasn't even looking when I typed it in πŸ˜‹πŸ˜…

I love the art! It must have taken a while but it looks lovely! 

Thank you! Also I agree that the rotation button is strange but this was a one-day coding challenge for me and in the end, rotating it a different way would have taken me too long :") Thank you for the feedback though! 

Thank you! :"D

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! Ahh, it makes me so happy that you and your boyfriend played it together because that's what my SO and I do too sometimes with other visual novels and I think it's so wholesome. You guys are so cute 🐢✨

I hope that you have a wonderful day and thank you again for the kind words!