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Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah some sort of tongue indicator would definitely be useful.

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Like the idea; great use of the theme. Music is GRRooovy.

If you don't win, this is rigged.

You know what you're doing

Destroyed my spacebar at the end... Great Job; Cute & Fun!

No Mac build :'(

Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully, in future we can do the game justice.

Was looking forward to playing but I'm on Mac :(

Glad you like it!

Thanks for the feedback! Right now the game isn't actually winnable, more of a tech demo. Hopefully we'll be able to expand upon it in the future.

Thank you for your kind comments; we put a lot of work into this so it really does mean a lot!

Hopefully we turn enough heads to warrant further development!

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately we didn't have time to implement the win condition.

Really cool team submission.

  • love the aesthetic although the lack of hand-drawn UI takes away from that a bit.
  •  Music is cool and fitting.
  • Obviously missing SFX so that will be a nice addition in due time.
  • Programming seems pretty clean but the UX interaction is a little awkward visually at times.

Good work :)

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Similar to other comments: The concept is really interesting but its a bit difficult to grasp without some in-game clarification. Programming is impressive and the pixel art is spot on, nice job!

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Really like the idea and the pixel art / UX is great, but personally the UX doesn't do it for me and is a huge turn-off. I'd prefer for the battle itself to have more of a visual presence and not have the screen dominated by the menu UI.

A couple of  suggestions:

  • The UI could be collapsible so that you can reveal more visual information about the current state of the battle.
  • Overlaying multiple zombie sprites in a group would probably look a little more dangerous than just a single sprite. you could then reduce the number of sprites as their count decreased.

Overall a great entry; Great job!

thanks for the feedback, I'll get working on that camera!

Thanks for the feedback! After some minor cleanup, the first thing I'm going to be working on is variety & progression :)

Thank you for the extensive feedback. I really appreciate it and I'll take it into consideration when I continue working on the project!

Yeah it would be great if there were some collectable items that you can activate to either boost yourself or set the other players back!

Cute little party game. I feel like moving across the board is a secondary component two a larger game mechanic so I'd love to see some more gameplay features added in the future.

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Interesting combat system. I'd like to see it pick up the pace a little, and perhaps some more diversity as the game progresses.

Feels great. Pixel-art font would have gone a long way.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback on the jump - glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the Mac build!

First of all, I'm surprised you didn't call this "Half-Hearted"! 

Second, I really like the general concept and the presentation is great but the right heart seems only to be able to move left and right (and that's when I'm holding up or down! :D)

Finally, have you considered only being able to control the left heart and having the right side mirror the left but with different obstacles. This could create some really interesting puzzles and the controls would be a lot simpler and more accessible (especially for mobile, which is the ideal platform for this kind of game IMO).

Ah I see, thanks.

More levels are on the way!

Interesting concept, impressive limitation handling & nicely polished.


Cupid seems to be pretty liberal.

It says this game is available on Mac but there is only a windows download available. Disappointing because this game looks very appealing.

Love the aesthetic but the level design was a little confusing and the wall-jump mechanic felt quite rigid.

All-round great work.


Looks great, feels great, music is incredible.

The main mechanic is a little awkward.

Love the aesthetic. The flight was difficult to get used to.

Haha I had no idea it did that! Thanks for the comments.