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Louis Bertrand

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Really pleasant to play well done!

It’s cool that you’ve done it quicker but I think you should add the Following to your game:

  • A rotation that corresponds to the slope
  • A real system of life, with the game over at 0, actually it gets restored at 4 lives
  • On level three we die by jumping and going out of bound
  • Add a pause menu, please
  • Maybe change the music to be global or use different one for each level
  • The game made by thing is out of the screen on the left
  • Please add some transitions
  • It seems that you did not add a check of life when you add to the counter by getting 1up and also I Don’t think lives are shared across levels, it could be cool to have 3 chances of each 4 lives for the entire playthrough.

I know it’s hard to make a game for this small time but that’s what I ended up thinking by playing your game.

cool and simple idea tho