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I love love love it!!! Everything is so well done and beautiful. I'm going to be suffering in silence til this come out because I won't be able to keep my mind off of it. Here's another vote for Will from me also ;) <3

Me too so happy to see it still being worked on. I'm so excited

thank you so much for making this. I love how sweet the story is amd love the whole dream soulmate idea.

This made my year. So happy to see it done can not wait to dive into all routes and get enraptured in the story. Thank you so much for completing this beautiful work of art.

I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS GAME! IT'S SO GOOD! I know we don't have to wait much longer either but the struggle is real LOL  Love it 

It was soooo good.  Got absolutely lost in the story and characters. Can't wait to see the rest!

I need to see this whole game lol The story is so mysterious and engaging. The characters are beautiful and I want to know more about them. Thank you for the demo and anxiously waiting for the rest!

Ok so scifi is usually not my thing but I wanted to try something different and your story looked interesting. I AM SO GLAD THIS EXISTS! This story has changed my whole way of thinking of what I want from an experience and I totally fell in love with it. It is easily in my top favorites now. Silas and MC are so great and I loved all choice options and responses to your actions. Very well done <3

I love love love your work in this and The Crossroads. Your writing style and build up in romance is spot on. Keep it up! :)

This demo is amazing. The story is so unique and interesting. I love all of the characters.  I was so sad when the demo ended. It  was a longer length  than most but I was so enraptured in the story it hurt when it stopped lol I've never wanted to date all guys all at once in a story before but this one got me. I went straight for Kiran in the beginning but happily switched  him for Harley with no regrets. Riley is cute as hell and I might even have a thing for DJ weirdly. I know DJ is the bad guy but he is very intriguing.I'm usually really big on music as well but this story stood on it's own. Can't wait to see how music enhances it. Thank you for making this!