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They only way to define this "as is" as a game is to define art as a game, where the win condition is a completed piece, and the fail state is any happy mistake that happens thanks to how the paint guns work. I doubt many people would reach that far just to define it as a game though, I might if there was any other interaction besides just painting.

Is there any plan to expand upon this project? this would be a fabulous experience for multiplayer, perhaps even an mmo-lite experience where some of the aliens are are actually human spectators jumping from gallery to gallery. but that may be too ambitious at this stage.

also, it would be nice if you added a window on the opposite side of the wall behind each painting where you can transfer your best work out of the main gallery room into the outer room for storage and free up an additional workspace without destroying a particularly good piece. it seems like this might be something that is/was being considered since the outer room is somewhat barren and pointless right now.