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Thank you not only for the kind words, but also for taking the time to play. I enjoy your unintrusive, quick style of video, and I'll certainly be looking at your other videos. :)

This is probably my favorite Bitsy game. Very very good stuff, kwisd

I made some games. I'd love to be a part of your collection.



Thanks for working on this really fun engine. No joke, your engine has given me the confidence I needed to make bigger steps in game design. Thank you :)

Haha, no it's a good one. Here's a link to a good vid. 


Hey thanks! That means a lot! It's waaay down at the bottom of the code. All you need is:

<audio autoplay="">
    <source src="kml.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">

somewhere in your work. The .mp3 is the file you want. You can't change songs on queue or anything fancy.


I love the creepy world art! Also, choices are always a fun concept to explore in games

Thank you! Your words are very kind!

Yeah that happens to me too. There is only one ending, no choices. It's basically just a set of rooms where the animation of the rocket plays.

Thank you! There's so many cool things you can do with simple exits.

Thanks! I just used a simple html audio tag I slapped on the end of the code. So, in my game, it looks like:

<audio src="kml.mp3" autoplay><\audio>

At basically the bottom, after all of Adam's killer work.

plz give a share ;)

Haha, yeah I realized halfway through that I had really misread. But I figured I was almost done, so I owned it

just travel to the right using the arrow keys. It's more of an interactive animation than a "game"

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It's got those homey, campy jokes that makes you feel cozy

Super-cute-fun! Your writing reminds me of Earthbound

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I love the game. I love the little dudes

Love the UI environment. What if you added eventual towns that one could purchase and manage equipment at, stuff that allowed the rogue-player to do fast dodgy moves and get lots of gold, the barbarian to smash in one hit, and the ranger to find special items and dungeons?

10/10 thank you for the journey