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Joking :P I am not one but I understand why people get into vegan ism and a philosophy behind it :) 


It will be done :) 

Soo... Your feedback has been heard and new update arrived with some more questions and achievements/endings!

So close... So close... :) 

In few hours the voting ends and I will be able to update the game. It will be a small update with not so many changes to the basic mechanics and premise (I just rewrote the whole game's code). 

Real life indeed. Based (a little bit) on my own job-searching experiences :) 

Thank you for your feedback. Keep your eyes on this game as I will be releasing a full version in a few weeks :)

Not at this point, sorry. This is Windows-only demo as I have no way of testing it on Macs or Linuxes.

In Poland we have plenty of 'ę' but it didn't help at all :) I will come if my next project require some fancy letters, thanks!

In the current version - never. 

Yes, but still you had another 24 hours to add something more. That's plenty of time tbh and you could make twice much of a content if you want to. Just saying, tho.

I'm glad that you entered and its great to see someone coding something that may be a great game at some point. I hope that it will but at this point, with posting halfway through the jam, it seems to me like a lazy entry. Sorry, pal... 

Nicely done! I like the theme accuracy and the overall concept. I couldn't get the controls at first but in the end it was done nice :) I would suggest adding simple instructions for controls in the main screen of Web version as for first two to three minutes I was trying to use mouse and level started on it's own...

I have no problems with you publishing soundtrack :) And the twist is **START-OF-SPOILER** you won't be hired, at least in the beta version **END-OF-SPOILER**. I will rework many things from this demo into a fully-fledged game after voting is over :)

Well, that's pretty much it right now. Game made in 48 hours from scratch is, in my perspective, only a proof-of-concept demo - not a fully-fledged game :)
Thanks for feedback nonetheless!

I greatly recommend it then. And it's currently for about a buck on :)

Well, it was due to my approach. I focused on answers rather than questions themselves. I will make many tweaks in the after-Jam update  :)

Refreshed few times. Will try again later :)

Or in three or even four :D

Yup, that would help a whole lot :)

I love it! The premise is awesome, simple yet rewarding mechanic and those visuals! Nicely done!

Simple platformer with odd controls (only jump). I like the visuals but it's pretty easy to forget it...

Can't even properly start it... Ball is stuck and neither button-smashing  A and D keys does not make it move (Browser Version).

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Just a story. No game here... Sorry to disappoint you, folks... Oh, and "Like if you want part 2" with almost another 24 hours before the end of jam... 

Not much to tell. Nice gameplay but nothing really stood out. Theme/storyline threw in just for fitting into the game jam. Overall - nice but I will quickly forget it.

Sorry, pal... There is no real mechanic in here. I know it's unfinished and I would love to see it in full version. Fingers crossed for you!

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I like it. The memory part is there, but I can't change if something was caught by mistake (should it be like that?) but the overall is pretty good :)

Great usage of a simple memory mechanic! A little bit like "Papers, please!" with all the rules you need to remember :) I really like it!

Thank you, game for bringing back memories of Pizza Connection 2 :D

I love it's humour and the "story". It's weird and unique!

Small and simple. I like it! Even if it's a little bit surreal. I appreciate the humour and story.

Lovely game. I like the storytelling and the multiplayer aspect of it! Nicely done!

How could I lose on the easiest question in the world? 

Adorable with lovely mechanics! 

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Thanks, Tom! This was created in 48 hours of Pizza Jam and I'm planning on expanding it as soon as voting finishes :) Thanks for the feedback! 


I'm sorry but I couldn't deliver my game on time. Full-time work takes so much time from you and I had some ambitious plans...

However I will still work on the game in my spare time. Thank you for the inspiration, Josh :) 

I'm a programmer looking for artist to work with both in game jams and on a non-jam projects.