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Loved the concept, and the visual design was amazing, not quite sure how you pulled that off in such a short time! Also have to say I'm impressed with the random level generation, I know how hard that can be (from a university project).

That said I think you went a little bit OTT with the theme haha, could just about make out what was going on with the level but I personally think randomising the controls was maybe a step too far?

Also loved how the settings where controlled with in game objects.

Great job, was definitely an experience!

Very fun concept, had a blast playing it, felt like Homer Simpson. Nice work on the graphics in such a short time!

Although a tutorial would have been nice, it seemed pretty intuitive to me. Cool concept but it's unfortunately extremely hard as it is, a ramp up of difficulty would definitely make it better. Nicely done!

Thanks for the feedback, definitely want to expand on what I created and sort out all those bugs

Definitely going to take this as a foundation and build upon it, thanks for the feedback!

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Really cool idea, could have used a tutorial, but was also very well done with the visuals!

Absolutely loved the idea and how it was presented. Like the comment below me says, definitely needs more refinement but would enjoy a full release of this! Nice work!

Actually a really funny idea, well made!

Interesting idea, amazed at the art you managed to pull off in 48 hours!

Was a fun game with an interesting concept, the mechanics created funny moments like being hit once, trying to dodge a bullet and accidentally flying straight into another spaceship.

Would love to see it fully fleshed out

Great idea, couldn't figure out how to disable the clock though. Other than some minor annoyances like having to constantly reselect characters, would have loved to see more of it!

Fairly fun game, loved what you tried with the art style and the first person mode was a nice touch!!

Like the person below me said, don't think it really fits the theme

Quite a fun little fun, though it is a little hard to see where you're going/where certain roads lead

Decent game, a couple bugs with the wig sometimes falling off outside of where I could get it again, but cool idea

Very interesting take on the theme, made me really have to think at times, also loved the fact in most games you want/need the powerups, whereas in this one they can be detrimental!

Great work

Interesting take on the theme, although it gets a little repetitive and I wish it was a little more obvious/bigger the keys to press for waking up, but still very good for a game jam game! 
Think I crashed into like 100 cars, thats gotta be a record right?

You got this man

Amazing fun and interesting idea, but also very frustrating to play as it seems even if you get your jump strength right, you get launched into the air if you touch the side of a platform

Unfortunately it didn't start for me so I can't rate it

Took a little while to understand what was going on, presentation could use a little work, but once I figured it out it was a very fun and interesting little game!