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Nah, i do understand that he doesn't wants to mak this multiplayer. Also, it WAS really stupid of me, thinking that he will add multiplayer. But my other suggestions weren't that bad, or are they? :|

You can turn the helicopter controls to the old ones in the "Esc" menu.

I totally agree! :)

the npc's are very Mercilessly when it comes to shooting a helicopter. they have good aim tho.

Some suggestions you could be interested in:


-More close combat weapons

-taking damage as a ragdoll


-first person ragdolls? (with an option to switch between Third- and firstperson as ragdoll)

-Multiplayer (i know its hard but it would be cool if you try)

-something like a city map

-maybe a littlebit of destroyable terrain like fences and stuff

Btw love ur game, and the new update is awesome. :)

You can simply press 'b' and then the slow-mow will be activated. Then you can press capslock and it will be normal.

I love how you take your own game in the trailer not VERY serious. For example:

0:55 ----> 1:07