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Lord Q

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I can't find the .exe file. The rar wasn't broken, I have windows with current 64 bit java downloaded, and it just won't appear. Is the itch download by any chance busted?

Whenever I download this, it says the rar file is broken. Just thought you should know.

Ok, so there are default names. Also, after I go to the professor, what do I do?

Crush Crush is god. Do you know where I go in Haremon tho?

This game is pretty amazing and I recommend it. My only gripe is that the battles can take a while (and need a defend command) and the dungeons can take longer. The game is still good and well written. It sits perfectly with Hunie Pop, Katawa Shoujo, and Crush Crush ( which is God-tier  for eroge games imo). Pick it up ASAP

Also, after I tame the imp chick (idk if her default name is randomized or not, so I won't call her Vex), where do I go to progress the story?