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It's, uh... fine, i guess? I mean, it's actually pretty solid for your first real game, and it doesn't do anything wrong. I appreciate the amount of dialogue on the townspeople, the environments have some nice parallax and glow effects, the backgrounds are pretty well made.

But, like... where's the spark? the soul? It's a game about a bloke in armour with a sword in a medieval european fantasy world who fights bandits and goblins and cultists, and who heals with red potions... like, c'mon dude you gotta surprise people! be a little playful! put your own spin on the setting, or the gameplay, or the characters...

Sorry, I don't mean to overanalyse a small demo of some person's first game i found on the "new games" page, but... look, if you're having fun making it, that's what really matters, but consider it might be more fun if you diverge from the beaten path and get a little creative? just perhaps? Or not, don't let me tell you what to do, i'm not your mom

Oh, don't play this game, it's one of my great failures.

But if you must, what the help screen was trying to tell you(it's easier than it looks) is that if you hold towards a ledge while jumping towards it, you can grab on to it and hoist yourself up.

I will never create anything this perfect

This gave me feels

This is WAY COOLER than it sounds. Best way to play is with your eyes closed, it's awesome! And sort of terrifying.

An action game in rpgmaker... That's bold.

Okay, THIS is cool.

I got stuck in a wall a couple times, but other than that, not bad.

Could have used some more obstacles, it felt pretty empty most of the time. Pretty neat concept tho

This is a really neat idea. I like it. A shame you didn't implement respawning, i ain't restarting the program every time i die.

This is one of the good ones. 5 Stars!

Okay, that was pretty cool. You nailed the feel of an fps without actually using first person! this even possible if you start as a spellcaster? The slimes and zombies keep draining all my mana and i can't figure out how to stop them. 

Heh, that was cute.