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Lord Bryam

A member registered Mar 24, 2019

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Can't wait, very excited to play the final result.

A relatable experience and a good game to cheer those in doubt of themselves. 

Whoops, yes; the shell phone. Sometimes when I use it, everything the character sprite goes white and glitchy. I am using windows 10. 

I love the simple approach to the design of the game. The characters are adorable, humble and fantastical; the relation of the world and the magic system is vague, but I think that's what keeps it interesting, more so when you try to decipher what's happening to the character's homeland. The story is beautiful; a short, wholesome and emotional journey. Well worth a play. 

Note to devs: I've had a particular glitch every now and then where using the golden shell causes the terrain to spasm and go white. 

Another note to devs: Please make another expansion. 

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A lot has been said and written about this game, but it is not enough. I wish for more from the author and the dev team.

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Dude, this game. It hits so hard and deep. I'm only 22, but I can recognize that the implications this game presents are so important. It's about being able to provide to your loved one, maintaining a stable income whilst balancing the budget for emergencies, self care, maturity, responsibility, independence. I mean, damn, this game made me feel so much for the character in only a matter of seconds after realizing the consequences the game play is centered upon. What an unbelievably relatable human experience.

And the title, oh man, that title. Beautifully encapsulates the themes in a fantastical vocabulary that ALSO encapsulates the practically fantastical task of being a provider for yourself as well as for another.

Outstandingly designed game.