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Its really good, i think there is lots of potential in it but i think some tweaks here and there could improve it a lot

-increase font height by one pixel (most minor detail not really necesary but i really don't see it breaking anything there is plenty of space left on the screen)

-increase overworld move speed (i dunno if it is that slow due to generation times if it isn't i think the character moving faster would make traveling more pleasant)

-add some way for the player to be able to tell which room borders lead to another room, while on a cave i was constantly getting to borders and they would lead nowhere which was kinda frustrating since the character moves quite slow

-the game crashed while i was raiding a orc camp

Haves potential, a quick tweak i would suggest would be making the camera fov slightly higher
enemy's don't really encourage you to do other moves that aren't just the 3 hit combo on the ground, with a bit of polish this could be quite fun tho.