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Hi, puns are so bad they are good. Please add a bit of interactivity to this experience, that would really make it great! 3D models look cute and silly, I like it - it fits the game with puns. Jumping on things is fun!

Thanks :)

Thanks! Freezing enemies was actually due to same error in scripting. But I kept it instead of destroying enemies. You still have to be careful even when they are frozen. Still shooting is bit OP, so I allowed it only with a full health. 
Yeah and more effects and degradation steps would be great, I agree. In such a short time span I was only able to make a few.

True, controls are from Godot 2D. I've just tweaked them and made them degrade in the same way as the game world.

Hey thanks. No it couldn't be any longer. I was struggling with the scope anyway, haha.

fun idea .)

Yeah, from the technical point of view there is certainly a space for improvement. It was my first time trying out Godot engine. Glad you liked the "meta" part of it :)

Ok I have finished selecting from a couple of ideas and started writing. I hope I can make it in 6 days :-D

Thats a fun idea .)

I will write a short story.

At first I was thinking about creating a couple of new episodes of my short comics, but that wouldn't be something entirely new.