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I liked it! 

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I like this a lot. You did a great job of creating mechanics related to the theme. I will say that I felt like I had a lot thrown at me at once and most of it wasn't explained clearly, some elements not at all, but it's a sweet prototype and I think it could be pretty addicting with some balancing tweaks.

It's not really much of a game, is it? I had to have something in the space to help you to realize that you're actually able to move around. Maybe it would have been more powerful if I just put a single object at the center. Maybe a vector transform pointer or something. Thanks for giving it a go!

Duck тебя тоже любит

Thanks very much! Great point about the R button. It should've been a higher priority to move that function into a menu or at least a more obscure button for sure. I hope you'll stop by for my next game at the end of this week. I really value critical feedback especially since this whole exercise is me trying to improve myself as a dev.

Oh no I just meant that I need to make sure to design the game to work on every setup so it's really useful input. And I'll have whatever's next out before next Sunday night :)

Thanks so much for doing a playthrough! It really helps to he able to watch someone who I don't know personally play through the game to see what makes sense and what doesn't. Looks like the Megalad scene won't be timed perfectly on everyone device, which makes sense now since it's tied to framerate so if you're under 60fps then it could take longer. Good to know for the future! 

Anyway,  I had great fun watching this and I really appreciate it.

Hi there! 

Jump Space is a Stanley Parable / Beginner's Guide inspired 2D platform game about a man who goes to a clinic that trains video game characters to jump. He is guided through the facility by a cheeky narrator who wants to see him succeed despite his... vertical limitations. This is a prototype but there is a complete story to play through and secrets to discover. The whole experience will probably take about 10-15 minutes.

Making games is something that I've always wanted to do, but believed you had to be a master coder to accomplish. After spending a bit of time learning Javascript for web development, I began to realize that this simply isn't the case. There are so many tools available to us now that make game development far faster and easier than it has been in the past, and portals like itch are incredible resources for sharing these with the world and getting feedback. After dipping my toes in GameMaker Studios 2, I decided to go ahead and dive in head first by accepting the challenge of the famous Rami Ismail blog post Getting Experienced at Failure. I'm making one game every week for the next two months (for a start).

This is my first game. It's really a prototype and one lacking in many features I would like to have added if I'd had more time but I'm quite pleased with the result all things considered and I feel excited to see how much progress I make in two months of making a game a week. I've already learned so much. I plan on branching out into other game making software, as well as using some raw JS and HTML to make at least one project over the course of this challenge. I doubt every project with be as narratively complete as this one, but hopefully I'll be making improvements on the technical side at the very least.

If you'd like to follow along with my progress and see the games I'm making each week, please give me a follow here on itch. I'd love your constructive feedback. This is something I'd like to get better at and hopefully do well someday so getting player input will be really valuable. Of course I'd love it if you shared the game with your friends, made a Let's Play, or what have you as well.

Thanks for your time! I know it's valuable. You can download my game here from itch for free.

I'll take suggestions for challenges for future game-a-week projects too if you have any. Or maybe you've done a similar challenge and can give me some tips!

This is a neat experiment! I purchased it after seeing it on Indie Games Plus because the concept is similar to an idea I've been toying with recently. I like seeing RPG Maker getting used for something a little outside the mold. 

I'm gonna put a few notes here. This seems like more of a prototype or proof of concept so I don't know if you plan on updating or returning to it in the future but, seeing as you're selling it, I figure it's worth providing some feedback:

  • The image that I think is meant to pop up eventually after you power down the system doesn't seem to be working properly.
  • I realize that glitches and technical issues are part of the gimmick but I think that the ______.ogg is confusing as the audio is intentionally glitched and distorted but it's the one sound effect that shouldn't be affected by the game cartridge. It definitely made me feel like there was something wrong with the game but in a way that more made me think that the RPG maker export was bad. I think isolating the glitches (at least in the beginning so later you can subvert expectations) to within the game itself (not the off screen) would help convey the idea that the cartridge itself is making things happen. 
  • You should delete the unused RTP files before exporting RPG Maker games. They bloat the file size unnecessarily. Half the download size is just unused stock RPG Maker music,  battlebacks, sprite sheets, etc. (MV should really add a setting to make a new game without copying all of the RTP stuff).
  • I don't subscribe to the idea that length should correspond to price but it might be worthwhile to mention that when you say short with this game it is very short.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this. I hope my comments didn't discourage you because I think this is a cool project and that you could expand an idea like this a lot if you wanted to. I'd like to see more from you in the future!

I love the character design and the animations. My favourite bit was the scene where you're falling through space, I thought that was well done. Hopefully you keep developing your skills and make more games. One thing I think could be improved is the controls, specifically how the camera and character controls work together. Right now it's tricky to navigate.