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type in panda or leeroy.

best weird comment yet. 

We are not planning a mobile release at this time. 

we are planning a full release with many new features, enemies, and levels. 

you can’t, but you can shoot the head on the floor. 

Also you can kick it towards enemies, though it’s a bit finicky. 

hey well thanks for playing anyway. 

merci beaucoup d'avoir joué.  nous sommes bien conscients de ce bug et il a été corrigé (il y avait un ennemi hors limites que nous avons supprimé)

hey check out our other projects, broforce, gorn, stick it to the stickman, or terra nil. 

one day! But we gotta make the thing first. 

thanks man! 

thanks, that’s an amazing message. 

We are hoping to have controller support in the upcoming demo. But we will look into remapable keys. 

not too high but we have not done full testing across many systems. What are your specs? 

it will be at release. 

hi, I am sure we can, however, I am curious why you are worried about the roaches. 

the trap question is how do you exit? 

hi! We are working on a full release for steam, this sadly means we are no longer updating the version. However we hope to have a lot more features in the final version. 

we haven’t considered joystick. We are currently working on controller support. 

it’s easy enough to mod. But no it is not open source. 

It’s not out of the question. But we are targeting pc first. 

What specs do you have, can you list them? 

did you unlock all the shoes as well? 

Any way thanks for playing. 

Glad you had fun! 

it’s more of a pain than one would expect, but not impossible. 

We are on it for full release. 


why did you get banned? We only ban for spam and racism… 


Sorry no customizable monster girls, or funkin on Friday here. 

And boy did you!

press “f”

this video is fucking amazing! I look forward to seeing you become a massive YouTuber. 

What are your stats? Is the game running okay? 


Well that’s not the worst problem to solve! thanks for playing! 

they didn’t even do anything!?

thanks I did it myself.

Thanks for playing! Regarding your question, it’s not for sale yet, it’s still a prototype. 

thanks that’s good feedback! 

Hey I am not sure, did you give it a try? Did it work okay?

good suggestion! 

your incredible!