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Damn this is good!

Hey we are using Unity! 

It runs on a potato! :D

Multiplayer is tricky! But we are eager to present more content!

Hey! Cool prototype. 

Cool! really enjoyed this. The sound when you die is very grating.

Well done on your submission! I find it weird that I progress even when I lose. But regardless, well done. 

Well done! 

An awesome prototype! great tutorial, and great art. I wouldve liked a quick reset button, but otherwise loved it. 

This is absolutely perfect! well done. 

Picking up a gun doesnt count against feet only. Firing the gun does though. 

Amazing! very cool work 

What a relief! thanks! let us know if you have any errors.

You are amazing!

Mr Brinks, we are working on a full EP.

Hey! the EXE should be in the file containing ANGERFOOT data. Unzip one file up. 

Thanks for the detailed feedvbback! love the idea of scrreaming pug enemies! 

Lol sorry, we will be working through these kinds of issues through development. thanks for brining it to our attention. 

Hey! thanks so much for the feedback! We are finding many people complain about them and we will make the adjustment.

Love the feedback! We are fixing getting stuck on props! We need to figure out how to make the bomb guys more fun. 

Hey! love the video! we are working on more for you!

We are working our asses off on something cool. 

Hey thanks for playing!!! We will look into this bazooka proposal.... perhaps a grenade launcher?

Yes! We are working super hard to make something you guys will love. 

You guys are the best!


we will add an option

woah! Yeah there are some frame rate dependent issues we are having. Thanks for letting us know.

Viewed your video, liked it

I don’t see the problem, shotguns do this all the time in my experience. 

dude I freaking loved This! 


Thanks! we are super keen to provide more content in the future

Weird association, but true.

Hell yeah man! we hope to make more and live up to your expectations

Hey I checked out his game and holy shit! thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for the detailed report. The pause menu needs more attention from us. 

Yeah what Bruno said.

Thanks!!! Yeah we have some exciting plans for new content. 

I am a huge Angerfist fan.

I am sorry for your issues. Are you playing on windows?