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Oh man,I'm glad I accidentally discovered this game,it's awesome.The randomness and the combinations of powerups create some unique and overpowering scenarios.

The default shoot bullets sound is a bit too high pitched for my ears .(just the starting bullet noise though,the sword,tear,duck,etc are fine)

Overall a great game,you can shoot ducks out of your gun 10/10

Thanks,it's a pretty dope song.Glad to hear the song  in   its entirety 

Yeah that was not intended.The game didn't have much time to be polished,it was pretty rushed(because of school exams :/  ).I'll patch it up after the voting is over.Thanks for bringing to my attention

I'm glad you liked the animation and the story :3

Thanks for playing!

Such a fun game,the story is extremely enjoyable.I love the meta-ness in this game.It was all such a unexpected surprise with each ending.Got the 3 endings

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It's a really fun game,the visuals and the music are all so nicely done.I have  gotten a really unique experience when I got a scenario that :I had 2 snipets left to collect ,the bug monster was right behind me and the music was just kicking ass,letting me feel like I was a total  badass...... and then I died.The jump and the distance between platforms are kinda ruff,but you get used to them.The music and the voices that want to distract you are really fucking awesome,and nicely executed.

I hope you guys post the music for this game on youtube/soundcloud or something like that


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Thanks for the feedback I'll certainly update and fix all of the bugs once the game jam voting is over.So thanks for notifying me about the bugs

And yeaah there's a lot of polish missing to this game,I guess trying to balance exams and  game-jams kinda does that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Glad you enjoyed the core part of the game,thanks for playing  ^⌣ ^ 

Thanks for the compliments,the ending  was pretty rushed.Like the 30minutes before the  submissions closed I was working on the ending level platforms.I was planning on making a giant chase scene where the player was being chased by the" deleter"(But it didn't make it in,because of time).

Glad to hear you felt something at the end,when submitting I was really worried that people wouldn't like the ending.

Thanks for playing my game :D

It was a interesting game.It certainly nailed the theme.The overall story was nicely done.The voice acting was a risky choice,but having it did make the game feel more personal,and overall more engaging.

Nice job on finishing this game it turned out awesome :D

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It's a really entertaining mashup of  mini-games.The first mini-game could be a pretty addicting mobile game by itself.

In the first mini game I got a bug after hitting 2 yellow blocks one after the which the player went off screen and the camera couldn't catch up.

The second and third mini game are also pretty fun.It would have been useful to get a mini game select screen to play only a specified mini game though,but that's just a small nitpick(mostly wanted that because I found the first mini game really addicting :D  )

PS: my high score

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I loved the game's  meta dialogue at the beginning and the end of the game.The core mechanic of the game is really creative and fits the theme perfectly.Towards the end it gets a little tedious but the overall mechanic is really cool.Nice job on making this,it's a fun game.The main character is also pretty cute :3

Also I love that thumbnail picture, it's so cute

A awesometacular fun game.The music is really energetic and gets me in a mood to murder some bugs.The particle effects,the sounds do well to give you that satisfying feeling when killing a bug.Everything about this game is  satisfying,well made,polished and most importantly fun.

This game is a great example of how game juice and polish can make your game legendary

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It's a pretty simple fun game.The animations are nicely done.Also the text moving slightly while you're carrying the blocks gives the game a nice unique style.And the animations are also pretty smooth.Most of the procrastination text is really funny. :D

Some of them are a little too real to me though O_o.

I found the game very innovative,the puzzles have a pretty nice balance of being hard but not too hard.The enemy design,and the main charecter have  amazing designs.And regarding the theme I think you nailed it.

Thanks for playing my game,I'm glad to see you enjoyed it :3

It would have been useful to have the remaining time shown on screen.I feel that dying and/or letting bugs get into the game didn't have that much of a punishment on the player(maybe adding a score system and decreasing it on player death and bug entrance could have worked)

It's a hard game,it takes some time to get used to the controls, but you can have fun with it.

It's got a interesting mechanic,it's kinda hard to use but it's interesting because it's hard....The dialogue and the story were really good....I especially like the development hell part it really caught me off guard.

It's a fun straightforward game.The animations could use some work but otherwise,good job on completing it :D

The visuals,the music,the gameplay are all fantastic.The gameplay has a nice learning curve,that once when mastered is very satisfying to pull off.The movement is very unique as well.

It's just simply a  awesome game.

Yeah the visuals and the music are great,the gameplay is lacking though.It's a good prototype for your visual style though.I hope you can make something out of it :D

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Oh yeah I may have accidentally given clues to secrets with out of place sprites(and lack of collision)....Sadly I didn't have time to put in any secret dialogue or anything like that :P

Thanks for playing my game,glad you had fun with the grappling hookヽ(´▽`)/ 

The start is a little slow but once you upgrade anything it instantly pick ups the pace.I always had a thing for games that have upgradable parts in them and this is no exception,the upgrades are useful and have nicely balanced prices.The graphics are also nicely done.

It's a fun game.

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Yeah I ran out of time at the end,I planned to make a additional part where you're being chased by a cleaner(deleter/something), but I ran out of time.Thanks for playing my game,glad you had fun playing it ヽ(´▽`)/ 

Ha,thanks...I'm glad that my evoked a emotion on your playthrough.While developing I really didn't think much of that part.So I'm glad that I created some accidental comedy there.Thanks for playing my game :D

I've already said how much I think this game rocks on AliveDrive's stream but I'll repeat it again.This game is fucking awesome.It's hard to give criticism on a certain part because honestly I just love everything about CryptCrafter

Oh wow.....The other ending is awesome.Thanks for pointing it out.Now I've fulfilled both my optimistic and pessimistic game dev lives 


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Oh wow....Communism truly  has no limits ヽ(•‿•)ノ 

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I love the art style.The narrative was interesting.The first stage was kinda difficult,but thanks to the comments I got it.Maybe a short tutorial/one line of text would have been nice.Other than that the story is very unique and fun.

Love the optimism in the ending,I honestly didn't expect a happy ending xD

Hey,the download file isn't working.You just added the .exe file,you forgot to add the rest of the files

It's a fun puzzle game that tingles my gears very well.The graphics are very interesting.I like that the whole game looks like a blueprint.And also thanks a lot for adding the level selection,it really helped me a lot. (I was stuck on a level and really wanted to see the rest of the game,so props for adding that menu)

The game was fun.The presentation,the visuals are all  uniquely stylistic.But man the humor in this game and the communism parts of this game are really funny and fun.I love the text and images on the pick hardware/software/propaganda selections.

At the near end of the game though I had every worker and hardware at 5 stars,which then got a tiny bit boring(but that's only because I played this game a lot)

Yeah the music is just satisfying and fits the game really well(ALSO THAT BASS  :3 ).Love the pixel effect you added to the game,and the trail behind the player.The game feels very smooth and tight.

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So the art style is pretty consistent and very hollow knight-esq.The music and audio was very atmospheric and at times very unsettling.The flashlight was useful but it was very low range,and maybe it would be better if it would cover the whole direction of aiming.The lightning and the player view were unique additions to the game.It's a good fun game.

Also PS:I love that the hollow knight styled cute character is carrying a shotgun,sniper rifle and a assault rifle to defeat the enemies xD

Oh yeah that part is accurate.  I mean any game dev that gets his energy purely from coffee is going to have a hard time not passing out  :D

It's a extremely polished,extremely fun game.I loved making unusual combinations of games.And even remaking some.It's hard to write a comment for this game because it's just pure fun.

Also my favorite creations:

It's a fun game couldn't get past day 5.The little bug window that pops out is a nice frustrating(in a good way) mechanic.Though it really sucks when you're out of energy and don't have enough points for coffee.It's a interesting take on the theme.

This game did in fact give me terminal cancer 10/10

Ok,I got the game working(It was my PC's fault),and boy am I glad that I got to play this game.

Massive props for doing randomly generated levels and maps.The gameplay is fun.The art style ,and the character design for the enemies and player are really unique in a good way.(Some of the enemies look like they're inspired by Hollow knight though :D ).The shake is a bit too intense when shooting but that's really a small nitpick.

Overall it's a  great fucking game.I think if you added some gamejuice sounds in there it would be a extra addicting game.

Yeah the sprites and animation are amazing.But yeah the combat is very simple to say the least.But yeah there's a lot of potential here.This would make a great local co op  game though.