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This is so amazing, it's so well polished and the balance feels good.
I just found a bug that you can Spam-Click to attack multiple times ^^'

Thanks for the Feedback, really appreciate it ^^

Really cool game :D

Super cool game, really intense and I love that you get more powerfull :D

The ending was so satisfying

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cool game, but the controls become tedious. Would have been nice to control the game with a mouse :D
the sounds and Music are great however.  well done! 

Interesting idea, and fun to play. Though kinda confusing at first. 

That makes sense, and honestly that would have been much better :D
and thanks for the feedback ^^

This is absoulutly astonishing!

Interesting puzzle game, and Well polished!

The game works, but there isn't much gameplay wise.
getting a highscore is fun

Not that it's a competition or anything... part 2

Fun little game
Got all the Coins d:P

Congrats, you're the Best :D

Realy Great Game :D
The only hing that bothered me is that Progression Feels kinda Slow. other then that the Game was Great and i Realy Liked the Bossfight.
I would also like some Feedback on Hits, Maybe a Damage flash or something like that. and Maybe let Planets Crackle when they are Geting low on health. All in all its a Solid Game

keep on Making Games :D