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please keep working on this. not sure if you know scntfc (oxenfree composer), but besides him you're the only other composer i'm aware of that has ever managed to capture this elusive mood, and it deeply resonates with me. your artwork is radiating it aswell, and the premise of insomnia and sleeping pills is making me consider that whatever drove you to put your soul in this demo might actually be the same thing i've been craving to experience through a game for years.

having the exact same issue, would love to give the game a try. can't run the windows version on wine either, the game goes pitch black after the intro.

would love a linux build :)

My mistake, I did try connecting after hitting start. I was sure I had tried it on that screen too, but apparently I imagined that.

Thanks for the help, we're having a lot of fun playing this right now :)

I'm trying to play on a local network with 2 players using our local IPs. Whenever one of us tries to connect to the server the other is hosting it says "game in progress", which it isn't.  It seems to recognize the existence of the server since trying to connect without it yields the "timeout" error, but it won't let either of us join. Do ports have to be open no matter whether you're using a local or external IP? We gave all the firewall permissions it asked for and are using the latest GOG version. I'm not sure if it's compatible since it doesn't tell you the current version like steam does, but it seemed to install without errors.

this is beyond demonic. well done :)