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This game was so relaxing! Great Job!!!

It was really quite fun, the only problem I had was that the mouse didn't work at times

I didn't quite understand how to use it, but the idea is quite interesting!

Very good job! The voxel graphics are very nice. The only issue is that at some point every enemy is like frozen in place and you can't kill them anymore :(

I think this was fun until some point when you just want it to end. Kudos anyway!

Thank you for the review Ran! Unfortunately we added the possible reactions and the components to the Codex, but the build didn't include them for who knows what! About the chemistry, the thing that is not so "clear" (because we didnt have time to implement the narrative) it's that the ancient thing you find in the cell is capable of getting the chemical components from the objects and to use them by combining them or create reactions. For example the fluorine and antimony are used to create a superacid called fluoroantimonic acid! About the theme interpretations "leaps and bound" means also a great leap forward. In this sense the ancient object makes you do a great leap forward in terms of knowledge and skills. For the bugs, we're investigating on what caused them, now that we have more time!

I checked the FAQ and I've seen that it's not possible to make changes apart from small bugfixes, do you think we could update it?

I think the idea is quite nice. I think the experience should be more adrenalinic though. Less things you can land on, fast-paced music and brighter colors!

The Neko Army has been defeated! Nice work!

I really see a big potential in this camera mechanic. Would love to see how the game grows!

I think this could be interesting, even with this texty style.  The main issue is that the texts overlap and so it's difficult to understand what you should do (this for the web browser version). The other issue with the browser is that the arrows move also the web page. Still, kudos!

Nice game! I agree though with the comment by Freaky. To that I add that everything moves so slow that it becomes a bit frustrating. Still kudos!!

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Thank you for the feedbacks! Unfortunately we joined Game Off 2019 really late and did what we could in these few days. After the voting period ends, we will fix the major bugs and continue developing it if we understand there is some potential!

Hey Onnion, we're very sorry but the description didn't update with the commands that you can use in the game. The goal is to escape the prison by trying to combine the chemical components inside common objects that you find around the map!