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The characters frequently press buttons and use touchscreens and stuff even though they are robots who I'd expect to send such messages over radio. But this could be a deliberate worldbuilding choice if actual robots value their privacy more than we do.

The map is from here

(i tried playing in windowed mode and the bug was the same, in case that wasn't clear)

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Nope, it's the same

I shoot the ground, get the appropriate message, and then that's the only message I ever get

Ubuntu 17.10 GNOME Nvidia GTX1070, um, on a Ryzen chip that I forget the exact designation

Yep, fullscreen 1920x1080 max settings

linux build seems to have a bug where the first groundshootin message gets stuck on screen forever and i can't read anythnig else

PLU.SH DEMO community · Created a new topic hi
this cud b gud
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I am a programmer looking for a team, or at least a game designer!

1. Introduction: I'm Zack, a database developer by trade living in New York City (so GMT-5). By night I develop the Life Simulator Engine, LiSE, which is in deep alpha, so I dunno if I'd rely on for this jam, but it's an option if you want it. I prefer they/them pronouns.

2. Skills: (wups i forgot) I can write pretty well, otherwise I just code.

3. Programs/Languages: I use Python 3 for most everything. For graphics and stuff I use the Kivy framework.

4. Portfolio: I haven't put out any actual games, sorry! Here are some alpha releases of LiSE, if you want? https://github.com/LogicalDash/LiSE/releases

5. Contact: Discord: LogicalDash#3253

Email: zacharyspector@gmail.com

6. Other: Best game idea for this jam I've had so far is an incremental game about unschooling – where you're a kid learning life skills in a world where pedagogy's advanced beyond what we think of as "school". Would require a fair lot of research to make though.

Looks more like Pathways Into Darkness than anything else

Would you consider letting me buy the raw .love file? That would get you cross-platform support for free...

Hey, I'd love to play this game! Unfortunately the page doesn't seem to have any download links.